Sunday, February 09, 2014

A paper chain...

I think I need to start one of those paper chain count down thingies for when we move out of this apartment...wait, that sounds negative...for when we move into our new home....there, that's better.

I am not sleeping well with all the apartment noises (yes, we have white noise going and humidifiers and I wear's just my sleep freak ways on overdrive.)

It took me a long time to sleep well when I moved to Nashville's just part of my adjustment. Which I will get to do again around roughly March 12 when we close on our new home. It will take a few more days to get moved in more like the weekend after March 12th...hopefully.

I am really looking forward to sleeping in my own bed again (the apartment is furnished with 2 queen sized beds).

I guess I am realizing as I type this is all about my sleep...or lack thereof. So maybe instead of blogging I shall go and rest my weary head...upon my squeaky apartment bed in a room with my restless 2 yr old who is cozied up in a too small pack n play across the hall from my darling husband and my sweet 4yr old boy who have the privilege of using the diffuser (#essentialoilsrockmysocks) in their room. (why oh why have I not bought a second diffuser yet?! sigh...)

Yup. I need a paper chain.

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

bikes and moments and paths chosen

There was this moment last October when we were in AZ visiting...we'd already entertained the idea of living in AZ for about 24 hours and we were driving to a friend's house in Mesa, right about the time of day school gets out.
And there were kids on bikes.
Biking home from school.
Judah was watching from the back seat and all of a sudden I heard him say "they are riding their bikes...alone. There's no one with them, mommy." with awe in his voice.

For me, that was the moment I got excited to move to Mesa.

I spent hours upon hours as a kid, riding my bike through our neighborhood with friends. I want that for my boys when they are old enough to ride their bikes around like that.

This is not a reflection of what I didn't like about where I was living, I loved where I lived. We had friends in walking distance and neighbors we loved and it was wonderful.  Just very different.  Not a bad different, just a different different.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Last sleep at Nashrock

Judah is cozy in his warm bed. Lucas is dreaming in his teeny tiny toddler bed. Lance is snoring in our room. There are boxes everywhere. Anticipation is high.

The boys will probably all be up early. Like dark still early. The movers are coming. It's Judah's last day of school. It's a big day. So big. And I get to visit my dentist one last time...good stuff. Wish I could see my chiropractor too, but probably not likely.

I'm enjoying the last hum of our dishwasher, a great cup of tea and a grateful heart for my home. It will be someone else's home soon. It feels good that someone else will get the joy of finding rest in these walls like we did.

I think I'll be sad not to spend time in my blue nursery with my babies, but they are no longer babies anyways. Seasons change no matter where you are.

Tonight is the calm before the whirlwind that will wisk us off to new adventures. 

Soaking it all in. The past. The present. Our future. So much blessing. 

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

that time when...

that time when....

....I was about to pick the phone up and call my sister to tell her we were moving away from Nashville to Arizona and I checked my email first, only to find a letter from her saying she was moving to Nashville from Georgia the same time I was moving away.

that time when... sister moved to Nashville on my birthday, exactly a month before we close on our house and move away.

I guess the winds of change are blowing!  it's too bad they are blowing us away from each other, but I am glad to have her here in Nashville so we can come back and visit often :)

Friday, December 20, 2013

Healing Oils: Young Living Essential Oils

Healing Oil in History around the world.
Healing Oil talked about in the Bible.

My Young Living Essential Oil journey started recently. I had been hearing about them from a friend of mine and my interest was piqued, but it is a bit of an investment$$ so I wasn't pulling the trigger since we have a lot going on right now with the holidays and selling our home, etc.
But another friend of mine started using them and she shared that her 4 yr old daughter was sleeping through the night for the first time in her life with the help of the oils.  Let me tell you, my ears perked right up because Judah has not slept through the night either and he's 4 1/2 yrs old.  Maybe a few nights in a row, but never consistently...and

So I pulled the trigger.  I enrolled as a distributer. (which is code for buying stuff at wholesale instead of resale, you don't actually have to distribute/sell the oils yourself, you can but it's a different enrollment and it's called Essential Rewards, which I also decided to do, but more about that later.)

I signed up for the Premium Starter Kit which includes 11 Oils and a Diffuser...and I was nervous that it wouldn't help.  And after the 3rd night of diffusing Peace & Calming in Judah's room, rubbing Lavender on his feet and him sleeping through the night, I started to feel rested...and I started to wonder if it was all a cruel joke...but by the end of 1 week of him sleeping through the night I started feeling confident...and now, several weeks later,  Judah is sleeping through the night EVERY night...I am a believer! A total believer.

And that is only two of the oils.

We have also been using Thieves like crazy, I put it on the boys feet every morning, I diffuse it through out our home every day and I am determined to avoid the flu and cold bugs going around.   I will post more about these oils as I learn things and share how they are used and in what way.  It's just so awesome and inspiring and amazing how these oils truly make a difference in health and healing and in your spirits.

Also, in regards to my being Gluten Intolerant, I accidentally had gluten recently and the day after I was hurting, I added lemon essential oil to my water and it took away my bloating and discomfort within minutes. I was so happy!

I knew pretty much right away that these oils were an answer to prayer, and after talking with my "upline" friend, I decided to enroll in Essential Rewards so that I could sign people up for the oils and hopefully bring some of this awesomeness to people I love. Plus I could support investing more into the oils in an ongoing sustainable way for my family and their health if I sell them as well as use them.

I've never wanted to sell anything before, but this stuff feels like handing someone health and I just can't get over how awesome that is.

If you are at all interested in just learning more, please let me know and I would love to talk to you more.  I have started a private group on Facebook I could add you to if you want as well.  I know not everyone does fb, but right now that is one of my main ways to communicate with lots of people at one time.
If you already know you want to pull the trigger and invest in the oils, go to the tab at the top of this blog labeled "Healing Oils Young Living" and follow the steps listed.

I do plan to post more testimonials from my own usage of the oils, and I will post things I am learning and resources as well. I plan to "tag" them all "Healing" so that you can find them easily if you are interested in my oil journey.

I leave you with this worship song by Kim Walker that my husband listens to seems fitting:


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