Thursday, April 13, 2006

communication is a complicated thing

One of my teachers emailed me this story today...this was a conversation in our Rainbow 3 room last night, once again...I love kids.

A teacher was sitting at the snack table trying to keep 5 little bodies still long enough to drink water and have some animal crackers. She decided to tell an Easter story to keep it seasonal.Well, the part I heard went something like "The people were shouting HOSANNA, HOSANNA in the highest" so she asked the kids if they could say Hosanna which they replied in unison "HOOOSANNA" which quickly became "whosanna" followed by "Who's Anna?". So Eli looks at William and loudly says "Who's Anna?" then answering himself he lightly taps William on the nose and says "You're Anna!" to which William replied "NO! You're Anna!" Priceless and relevant Who is Anna anyway?

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Anonymous said...

When BAG used to put on Easter plays, the women at the cross were crying, "Master, Master!" And the crowd was crying, "Crucify him!"

John asked me, "Mom, how come when they hollar Crucify him, the women hollar FASTER, FASTER??"

From the mouths of Babes.



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