Thursday, November 30, 2006

Queen of the Road

So I am sitting in a hotel in Jackson, TN. We've spent the last couple days on I-40, which is known as the Music Highway....Jackson is in between Nashville and Memphis. I am excited because tomorrow is Graceland...I'm going to see the king! woohoo! I have always loved Elvis so this will be a great memory for me. So where have I been since we left the island on Monday? well, I am so glad you asked! Monday night we got almost all the way to Savannah, GA....of course we ended up in a Wal-Mart parking lot for the night...the next day we got up and headed to Savannah...we arrived at their visitor center along with all the blue hairs and bald heads...yeehaw! We opted out of the bus tour and decided to create our own tour. We headed to the gift shop, picked up post cards of all the interesting stuff and went on a scavenger hunt of sorts...we found all the things pictured on the postcards and took our picture at the was a fun way to tour the city if you ask me! We had lunch (icky lunch) at this Pirate place where a lot of Treasure Island was set...supposedly haunted and all that, it was a very cool place, after we ate we just wandered around and it seemed to go forever-tons of little nooks and cranny's and secret passages, it was a cool place...anyhow...after we saw a bunch of Savannah we headed out to Charlotte, NC where a couple of my closest friends live...we spent the evening with them laughing and telling them tales from the road...we finally got a good nights sleep too which was amazing. Burke ended up staying home from work and helping us map out the rest of our trip (thank you soooooo much!!) and after showering and getting repacked we hit the road...we headed to Asheville which is a cool city in the mountains...we went to this place called Man's Ruin Tattoo parlor and did what you do at one of those places...ouch btway. It's an all female staff tattoo parlor and they had just that day signed a contract where they would be doing a show just like Miami Ink....they were pretty excited you could tell, it will be interesting to see if they are ever on TV like they said.
So I did not remember that I was afraid of driving on a mountain in the dark...but I was quickly reminded as we headed out of Asheville and down the mountain...I almost stopped breathing when we went through this one stretch of road that even had a thank you, I think I will only do mountains in the day time from now on! Jess and I have also had enough of Wal-Mart parking lots so we found a dive of a motel and spent the night. When we got up this morning our goal was to get to Memphis...needless to say we didn't quite make it. But we did find a great thrift shop in one town, and we visited at least 5 Pilots and had coffee at them all...then there was the stop at this obscure little music store where I bought a pink guitar. Yup. you read it right. and Jess bought this thing called a Cumberland Mountain will have to see it to know what it is...sounds like a banjo, looks like a gun, has 3 strings....yeah. pretty cool. The guy who owned the shop was great, a new friend. I love that. So I bought me a pink guitar and some day I will know how to play it...maybe :-) any one want to give me guitar lessons?!
well, I should seriously head to dream land...I think I will dream about young GI Blues Elvis tonight...he was so dreamy in that movie :-) g'night!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Good Bye Paradise, Hello Stinky Car

So the last couple days in AnnaMaria were fun because Jess and I rented bikes...spending time on an island where you are biking around to each nook and cranny and hearing the sounds of the island is the way to go. But this is me so of course I have a funny story of something dumb that happened to me. Are you ready for this?! So Jess and I took our newly rented bikes out on the we went, breaking in our behinds to the little seats and seeing if we could find our way around...we stopped over at one of the houses some of our new friends were staying at to do a couple things and as we were getting ready to hop back on our bikes the chain fell right off of mine. Now...getting to this place on my bike took about 15 minutes...but walking?! no thank after quite a bit of coaxing from Jessi, I climbed onto the handle bars and Jess got the work out of a lifetime riding my gangly tall self around the island...I seriously looked hilarious...I mean, I am not short! usually you picture little kids riding handle bars, well here I am a grown woman catchin' a ride. Jess and I laughed so hard the whole time, she almost ran me into a couple cars becuase she couldn't see past me that good...and of course we got lost...figures. Needless to say when we finally got ahold of the bike shop owner and told him the story about the two tallest girls on the island riding the handlebars he insisted we get a photo so they could post it on the bulletin board for all the world to if you want a good laugh head to AnnaMaria and find the shop Darrell owns and you can take a peek for yourself!
A few other fun moments would be when we rode our bikes along the shore line after dark and Jess fell into the ocean a couple times...or the .25 cents I was given by Grandpa Reuben and the crazy red snakeskin bike goggles I bought at a yard sale with the money he gave me...or when Jess tackled me for a spoon and drew blood (oh the games we play!)...the discovery of the local historical society and the cute little old lady who filled us in on all the interesting AnnaMaria stories from years gone by...all of the gorgeous sunsets...the crazy car crash we saw where it looked like a Jeep fell from the sky and landed upside down (no one was hurt and there was no other car involved...strange), seeing Santa at the local Sun Shop parking lot and all the cute kids lining up to get a pic with him (instead of snow they had bubbles...hmmm..) Those are just the ones I can put into words...moments where something strikes you as unique or beautiful or perfect can't be told in a blog...guess you'll just have to go find yourself an island and see for yourself!
So the last day came and we packed up, returned our bikes and on a whim decided to just walk down to the beach one more time for a quick good bye...wouldn't you know it?! it was absolutely perfect. The water was as blue as could be and a glass sea...and the sun was shining off of the white sand and it was peaceful. You never would have guessed that a week before we had needed jackets on the beach...I hiked my pants up and took myself a nice long walk in the could go out forever and it was shallow and perfect...we found sand dollars and crab shells and sea shells...instead of a 5 minute beach farewell we spent about 2 hours just being. It was amazing...and after a while I just plopped down on the sand to look at how pretty it all was, jess came and sat by me and about a minute later we saw something come up out of the water and splash back was a dolphin...he swam the shore line, we saw him come up quite a few times and jess even captured it in a picture at one point...well, after he turned and went back out to sea we decided that that was the perfect note to end on. I wish we could have stayed another week! But off we went to spend endless hours in our stinky car!

Friday, November 24, 2006

snake eyes

So I love playing games. Jessi has wanted to get out each night after dinner with everyone rather than stick around and play games but tonight she skipped dinner and told me not to come back to I stuck around and played a couple of the most fun dice games...with some really fun people...a night full of laughing is the way to go and just what I needed :-) Renting bikes tomorrow should make it feel more like an island...we've spent to much time in the car so far if you ask me!
Tonight was a very pretty sunset but I think they will only get better as the weather clears's supposed to be 80 tomorrow and every day's amazing to see God's fact, last night I saw a shooting star on the beach...that is a moment I have had before and I pray I have's just amazing to see how big God is and it's just such a reminder that He has everything in control, even the stars in the sky. And I also truly believe that God looks for ways to talk to us and ways to give us the gift of a moment with Him. I find myself becoming more discontent and depressed when I don't have my moments with my creator...reading my bible (I'll admit I didn't pick it up the first couple days of this trip as it was easier not to riding in the car, but I'm back) and taking time to just sit with is in those times that I feel peaceful and like I can handle whatever comes my way.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

It's a car Jessi, I have to be this close!

So considering my sister would rather be alone in general, I'd say we've done pretty well spending so much time together. I did have to laugh though when I was videoing her in the car and she told me I was to if I could back up....LOL...
So leaving St.Louis we had an interesting time getting everything back into the car...the whole unpacking repacking thing is always a little tricky. But once we got going we actually drove by the St.Louis was pretty because the sun was setting...then it was off to spend the night with the road. We decided to push through and just head straight to FL...and besides a 2 hr stop in a walmart parking lot in the middle of nowhere for a short snooze, that's exactly what we did. I had to have coffee at a Shoney's though to get my motor pun intended.
So bathrooms across america...I have seen the dirtiest, nastiest, grossest, tackiest, smallest, smelliest places that there are I believe. Is it really so hard business owners of america to require that someone clean your bathrooms every day?!! do your employees go home to use the potty or are they just okay with the nasty-factor? do they really wash their hands like your signs say?!
When we finally arrived in FL we realized we had brought the cold weather with us...granted, 60's isn't really all that cold...but it sure ain't swim suit weather! But it's supposed to be nice on Thanksgiving so I think we'll get a little beach time in.
Coming back to AnnaMaria is a lot like coming home. I have a feeling this place will always be a favorite destination for me. It's fun to be with the Jacobsen family too...this time around there are like 6 families here so getting together each morning and evening for meals is always interesting! There's something like 36 people altogether...Jess and I haven't had to buy any food this week as they have just included us in the family which is nice. I think Jess is a bit overwhelmed by all of the people, that whole need to be alone thing for her. But they are all very nice and easy to talk to so I think she's tollerating it pretty well....they love her music and think she's interesting so that's always good :-) They had her bring her guitar out the first night and she played a few songs which was fun.
So what do you do on an Island when it's cold and windy??? shop of course!!! I actually found a cowboy hat big enough for my big head so that was nice (it's like an orange on a tooth pick! ...think Ax Murderer) I think we are all shopped out though...but the weather is getting nicer so that's good! There was one whole area of the beach full of sand sculptures...they were pretty amazing and I was surprised how well they seemed to hold up with all of the wind...of course we took some pics...
One of our Road Rulz is that if we see an art car we have to do a chinese fire drill...we've seen several so far...people think we're nuts but we can't argue so we let them believe it...we saw a car with hand prints painted all over it in IA, we saw a car with cat ears and a cat tail with cat features painted onto it, and then my favorite was the one with two mermaid tails sticking off the top of the back of a's sitting at a car shop on the island so I think jess and I are going to go get a pic of that funny not to. I'm amazed at the amount of art cars we've seen...3 in less than a that normal?!
So tonight I went down to the beach in the dark and the stars were crystal clear...I saw a shooting star and of course made a wish...I love moments like that one. Now jess and I are about to watch a movie and then head to sleep...we are anticipating the nice day tomorrow, plus it's thanksgiving and everything will be closed so I guess if it is cold again, she and I will play Rummy for hours and hours...we've done it before and I think we could entertain ourselves that way again no problem! I love playing cards...good thing! We plan to rent bikes on Friday...tooling around the island on bikes is the way to speeds with baskets, super cute too :-) If I'm going to exercise on vacation it needs to be cute!
Well, that's enough outta me for now! sweet!!!!
ps-so we thought the tree in the middle of IA was so darn special because it was unique, one of a kind and all that...well...turns out there are 4 palm trees in the middle of the road right here in Anna Maria and they had to build a roundabout around the trees for people to drive on...we laughed when we saw it...guess this trip is just filled with trees in the middle of the road!!!!!!!!!!!s

Saturday, November 18, 2006

family time

So I'm hangin' in St. Louis at Ira and Ashley's house...watching darling Beck toddle around and try to mimic everything everyone says...listening to my mom yell at my dad and my dad laugh at my mom for yelling...jessi hiding in the basement getting her much needed "alone" time in the midst of business...anticipating seeing Eliana for the first time and spending time with Mike and Jess...having my mom rub my back because I can't feel my right arm after sleeping in such strange places the last few days (I'm sure I'll need a few more massages before this trip is over! to bad I can't take my mom with me everywhere!) Ira introducing us to conspiracy theory's (who knew?!) and Ashley napping because being 8 mo pregnant and having a house full of people and a baby who didn't sleep because he was getting new teeth in would make anyone want to nap!It's been a while since we've all been in the same place. I'm glad it worked out for me to be here.

Friday, November 17, 2006

quick note

I know lots of you have been wanting to hear about my trip....we were in the middle of nowhere the last two days and didn't have wireless...but I did blog and will upload it sometime soon here...yeehaw!
gotta go shower...finally! life on the road doesn't afford such luxury...thank heaven there's family or friends to stay with every few days!

The Wreck is part of the Road part 2

So Atlantic Iowa is adorable...that's the name of the town we slept in...we figured it out after we, of course, visited their chamber of was located in this beautiful old brick train station...we made friends with a couple super nice ladies...they even gave us coffee...they pointed us in the direction of the local salvation of the rules of the road is we can't change our clothes unless we buy something from a thrift shop...well, I didn't change my clothes but I bought a sweet jacket to at least change things up a bit...jess got a new shirt and she looked cute of course.
Oh yeah...and since we had so many burrito's still left to eat, we wrapped them in tinfoil and attempted to heat them up on the engine in the Walmart parking lot...but turns our her car is energy efficient and nothing gets all that we resorted to PB sandwiches and saved the burrito's for later!
After we finally got going, we spent the rest of the day looking for a tree in the middle of the road...yup, you read it right. It was literally off the beaten dirt road path and for a while I thought it was possible to get lost in the middle of the fields of Iowa our pursuit of the ellusive tree in the middle of the road, we did find the park with the Plow in the Tree...I didn't think it looked like much and the whole park reeked from the nasty bathrooms right I renamed it poop in the park and we left with our windows rolled down spraying purfume in the car to help us survive it! anyhow...back on our search for the tree we ended up meeting the nicest couple as they were leaving Mel's diner in Brayton, IA and then chatting it up with the locals we got some decent directions and took ourselves off to find the tree...and you know what? it really was just a tree in the middle of the road :-) we took a few pics, jess drove around it while I videod her and we have seen a tree in the middle of a road....a dirty dirty dirt road in the middle of nowhere...sweet.
The next leg of the journey has brought us to St. Louis to visit family...on the way we did have to stop in the town in MO where Jesse James was wasn't nearly as exciting as where John Wayne was born, but still interesting. Now here I sit thinking "why the heck did I drink so much dang coffee on the road?!" but I have a feeling that once my head hits the pillow I will crash because it will be warm, I will be sheltered and I will be able to stretch out...all things I was wishing I could do last night!!!
16 days to go!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Wreck is part of the Road part 1

So the highlights of the last couple days...somewhat in goes....
Crossing the border from MN to IA...I knocked my sister out with the car door on the side of the highway...yes she is okay and no I didn't have to pick her up and put her back in the was a quick knock out with a spin and a twist...and me laughing for the next hour, constantly wiping my eyes as I pictured the whole thing in my fact, I'm laughing right now :-)
Taco Time...Aimes, Iowa...confusing the lady at the counter as my sister and I both ordered 4 crisp bean burrito's to go..."no one orders that many, that's why I was confused" was the quote I believe...the little old lady in the booth right next to me laughing as my sister video taped my first bite...yum...yum...drool...yum
The Birth Place of John Wayne was a bonus...just one of those random places you see as your driving and we made it our destination. On the way there we mosied down "memory lane" park and then headed to the local chamber of commerce. (I never knew what a chamber of commerce was before this trip...probably my new favorite place to go...I'm going to go to every chamber of commerce I can in my travels in the future...I wonder if mpls has one? hmmm...) Anyhow...the very nice girl helped us figure out how to get to one of the bridges of madison county..and since we only went to one I guess I can only say I've been to the Bridge of Madison County...but maybe some day I will return and visit another and make it plural. It sure was pretty! even if I couldn't feel my fingers after only 5 minutes! Anyhow, we eventually made it to the birth place of John Wayne and of course took pictures...shucks, I never knew how interesting the middle of nowhere Iowa could be!
Next Stop...Albert the Bull...not a whole lot to say about Albert other than "mooooo"...he sure was big.
Since we still had some time to kill we decided to drive to Villisca to visit the house where there was a huge Ax Murder in 1912...anyhow...when we got to town, Jessi started quaking and a shaking and everything about the town freaked her out...little boarded up houses, all dark and stuff...I thought it was fun but she wasn't having it so we took off and I doubt we will ever return!
Now for what I will dub the stupidest thing I have yet to order to cut costs on this trip Jess and I have decided to sleep in our car if at all possible...we never really discussed what the conditions would be that would force us to get a motel...but I would have to say sleeping in the highschool parking lot of a town in the middle of nowhere in 30 degree weather in her little car probably should have been the deal breaker...but instead we froze our little tushy's off and at about 4 in the morning drove over to the Walmart parking lot to finish the night with the car on and heat...when we finally got up and headed into walmart to brush our teeth and our hair I think we were both just so glad we didn't have to sleep anymore!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A better pic

so the pic I have posted of my sis and I will soon be replaced with pics from the road...hopefully better looking than the one I have posted but considering it's a road trip those chances are slim. I'll at least try to get one with out jessi picking her nose :-)
We leave tomorrow in the morning...bright and early...I have prepared an itunes list of road songs that we can sing our way into Iowa would be amazed at how many cheesy random things there are to do in Iowa btway people...but have no fear, I'll make sure and tell you all about it!
I am most excited because at this time tomorrow night I will be eating my 3rd crisp bean burrito from the amazing taco time restaurant that doesn't exist in MN...I'm sure no words will be able to describe how great that moment will be...

Friday, November 10, 2006

Life is a Highway

So I got my little Jeepers engine and new radiator...yeehaw!
I downloaded a new ringtone by Rascal Flatts singing "life is a highway"
My sister was supposed to come tonight but got snowed into her driveway...rocked her way out and then ended up sliding through a stop sign and into a ditch only to turn around to try again tomorrow.
I leave next week for an 18 day road trip with my sister...hopefully we both make it back alive! I'm sure my blogs and pics during that trip will keep everyone entertained who cares to be entertained by my myspace page :-)
Any song suggestions for the open road?! I put together an itunes list of songs that are all about music sure has a lot of em!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

leaf me alone!

I'm so done raking...technically I'm not done but all the same, I'm done! I don't care...43 bags and I'm ready to die! the rest can wait 'till spring has sprung!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Vote for me!!!!

So just a voting observation....why is it so important that we use the pens they provide? They aren't special pens as far as I can tell...anybody know what the big deal is with the pens???! What's wrong with Bic?? why don't they use Bic? why is papermate so darn special?
anyways, I got my sticker so that's good...I Voted!!!
Feel free to leave me Kudos!!!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Paul Anka

...Rory enters the room where she finally encounters Paul Anka who is sitting on the coffee table. Rory calls Lorelai over to consult on how to best approach the crazy mouse. Lorelai tells her that she needs to hurry to the kitchen and put sugar on her toes. Rory is skeptical, but Lorelai insists that Paul Anka loves sugar and that, for their first meeting, if Rory puts sugar on her toes for him to lick, they'll be friends forever. Lorelai calls out that she should wet her toes first, so that the sugar will stick: "Dry sugar on a dry toe isn't going to work!" Rory sighs, "Oh, geez," and complies, getting sugar all over the floor and herself and heading back out to the living room. "Okay," Lorelai says, "now do the hokey-pokey and turn yourself around! All you have to do is pet him and you're IN!" Rory is flabbergasted and accuses Lorelai of being evil. But we all know the truth...Paul Anka is the evil one!!! Not the real Paul Anka (although that sound clip of him chewing out his band is a little psycho) or the dog Paul Anka but the mouse Paul Anka!! This is my gilmore girls rendition of the whole cat/mouse/jamie living situation I am currently in…I am Lorelai, Rory is Rory, and the mouse is Paul Anka…stay with me now!!! The only problem with my little story is that I don't actually want them to be friends, I would like Rory to eat Paul Anka...but whatever........

Sunday, November 05, 2006

pure desperation

so between finding a shoe full of poison and the stare down between me and one of the mice...I have reached the point of pure desperation...I am going to borrow a friends cat for a while. Yes, you read it correct. I will be sharing my home with a cat. I was so desperate I even promised to pet the kitty so she would feel loved while hunting and destroying the mice...victory will be mine...eventually!!!


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