Sunday, July 29, 2007

Think Pink

Lisa G came waltzing up to me today with a brown paper bag full of money and I just laughed...why would I laugh at a brown paper bag full of money you ask?!

Because I knew that in order for the kids to win the contest where my hair would get dyed a color of their choice that today alone they needed to raise over 600$.

I just laughed at her and continued on my smug way.

Half an hour later...I was invited to come to Kids Church to hear the results...and their was more than mischief in the eyes of the ones who came to find me...the look on their faces was pure evil!

As the kids screamed their little heads off, the total was announced... the total was 1496$!

yeah right. 5 minutes later the total was more along the lines of 1505$ ...

Oh dear!

The boys actually won the contest so they get to pick the color...I am now mounting a campaign trying to convince all boys that pink is a lovely color to vote for...I have a feeling that 3 weeks is not nearly long enough to get my message across.

I was thinking that if they do vote for fire engine red I may do it permenant and go goth for a while...when else would I be able to do such a thing?! I mean, this is a golden opportunity really....hmmm...

here's a taste of what I'd look like in pink..

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Anonymous said...

Is that money for youto replace your laptop? Lance


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