Saturday, August 25, 2007

The big event

So this whole summer I have been working with my dept. at church on a huge two day event that we created literally from the ground up. From the vision of the event to the details of logo's and promotions it was all our ideas turned into a real live event. Typically we take the "nothing new under the sun" approach to events and find the best of what is already happenening and use smarter not harder ya know? So this was a huge change of how we did things. But when God plops an idea into your laps and says run with it you run!
The best way I can share the vision is to just say that it has been my experience in the church world that when a family comes to church we split them all up and send them their seperate ways to be ministered to...women over here, men over here and kids over here...and then we say "families are what matter". Doesn't match up if you ask me. So we created an event where families came together, stayed together, invited other families along with and hopefully took a moment as a family to stop and make sure they were all on the same page...priorities, spiritually, direction wise...all that.
It would take me far to long to blog about what happened at the event as far as details go but I will say that it was a success and seeing people stop and take inventory of where they and their families were at spiritually made it all worth it...the days of hard work and investing into an idea paid off. was a blast.

I will share one picture with of the two nights with preschool we did a thing called "messy night". Pools filled with crazy messy stuff for the kids to dig out prizes and just have a sensory experience. Some of the parents decided that the shaving cream messy station needed to be experienced by everyone, including before I knew it I was covered head to toe with Barbasol. I think I might still smell a little bit like a man :-)~

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Chris H. said...

Looks like fun! I'm glad that all your hard work ended up being a success - that's a great feeling, you should be very proud =) I like your survey post too, I'm going to "steal" it to use if that's OK! And the blue hair looks mahhhvuhluss; you wear it very well...

Jamie Willow said...

lol thanks! and you can "steal" it with my blessing! my mom will be so happy..


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