Thursday, August 02, 2007


I have been thinking about this concept of snapshots and how it relates to people's lives and the glimpses seen from the outside, now let's see if I can articulate it...

I post a few pictures of myself and you get a snapshot of a moment in my life or day. I post a blog with a story about me and you get another kind of snapshot of a moment in my life or day. We talk on the phone and share thoughts and ideas from a distance...another snapshot is taken. We meet for lunch, or church, or a meeting, or at a baby shower, or in Wal-mart...a few more snapshots are taken. I decide to tell you what I think about and what's important to me...more snapshots. Before you know it you have a collection of snapshots.

How many snapshots do you need to see before it turns into a flip book and how many more before you are watching a movie? Who's really all that interested in seeing my movie anyways I wonder sometimes...I know a few people who are and I am so greatful because they keep me real. It's easy to hide things when all people see are snapshots...a little easier to hide things when you're looking at someone's flip book...but the movie...leaves little out...not much hiding going on and it's usually kind of obvious when you try...

Sometimes because of time and location you never get past the flip book stage...and sometimes because of history with a person you know what the start of their movie looks like but now it's all herky jerky because pieces are missing. There are people I wish I could get more snapshots of for sure.

Last night as I watched endless hours of breaking news about the bridge collapsing I couldn't help but think about how I was getting a snapshot into the lives of so many people. Not by their choice.

I pray that the people who know the victims so well, who are a part of their movies, find peace today...especially the ones who have lost everything.

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