Sunday, August 12, 2007

You're so Vain..

...I bet you think this blog is about you...but it's's all about ME! hehe

The boys voted today at church and by thursday night of this week I will officially have a new look. I feel so blue thinking about it...(dumb joke sorry)

I am planning on wearing every conservative outfit I own before thursday...I don't think I can wear button down anything with blue hair...

I dyed my hair once. When I took the towel hair was the exact same color. No wonder I liked the color on the box ;)

I think we'll aim for the Rock Star don't be surprised if I stop talking to everyone, buy a fashion accessory dog and stay out every night 'till 3:00...and Jessi...when I come visit you, if my hair is still blue, could we maybe play a gig together? I mean...when else will I look the part?!

oh my. and for the record...everyone who comments on my new look MUST tell me how fabulous I look...if you have to-LIE!

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* said...

That is cooooool! I can't wait to see a picture of that!


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