Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The Beast

So I have been driving a Yukon XL (not sure if those are the intials that come after it but they should be!) this week. It is honkin huge! I feel the need to apologize to people for how big it is and make sure they know it's NOT mine. Everywhere I go I have to repark myself 5 times. I have driven over curbs and annoyed countless other drivers by taking my sweet time manuvering the sucker into spots big enough for a small house...it is a beast!

One thing I do like about it though...the seat warmers...my tushie is extra warm this week. which is good cause it's been crazy cold here. shiver! gotta love the seat wamer...whoever thought of that was genius.

It will be nice to drive my little jeepers again but for now I will continue to attempt U turns in rush hour in a car the size of Texas and hope no one with road rage happens to be anywhere near me...


Cookie M. said...

LOL... Too funny :-) And yes seat warmers are the bomb!!

Lyndee said...

Haw Haw haw!


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