Thursday, November 29, 2007

big imaginations and no inhibitions

Someone reminded me of a funny memory today. A couple years ago here at my church I worked with almost a completely different set of people, including some ladies who I am still friends with. We stayed such good friends because all of us thought imagination was way better than reality and every conversation we had seemed to revolve around concepts and ideas and big dreams and NEVER about was a little rule we put in place...I think if the idea was suggested now with the people who are currently here I'd get funny looks.
Anyhow...with these particular ladies we were always coming up with crazy ideas...including the one I was reminded of today. We heard our senior pastor mention that he thought the song "It's raining men" was we found the song, arranged a dance routine, practiced endlessly, and then at the staff christmas party we proceeded to steal the show with our umbrella's and feather boa's. I believe there is video footage somewhere as could likely come back to haunt me at some point but it lives pretty large in my imagination anyhow.
We got the best reactions from people and never laughed so hard. Laughter is such a gift. Friends with big imaginations and no inhibitions are a gift too.
This is only one of the many antics we participated in. I have a feeling tonights christmas party won't involve dancing or feather boa's. How unfortunate.

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Beth said...

Yes! I remember hearing about that little numba... :)


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