Friday, November 23, 2007

black friday

We left bright and early and the first two stores we stopped at had no lines. We figured out why when we walked into Kohl's and the line wrapped around the ENTIRE store. Actually it was two lines, that met in the back of the store...there was probably 10 ft between the ends of both lines...
my mom and sister in law, ash, are die hard, not so much. I told them that I would rather pour lemon juice on every tiny cut and hangnail and open wound I've ever had than stand in either of those lines. I somehow convinced them that we could leave the store with out making a purchase and we'd be okay. I am still not sure how I got them out..

me: why the heck would anyone stand in one of those lines??? these people are nuts!
ash: because freakin' high ho cheerio is only a doller ninty nine that's why!

I will spend the extra 4$ and buy her the "freakin' high ho cheerio game" at target some leisurely afternoon.

The rest of the day was filled with naps and kids and movies and left over turkey. Not a bad black friday really. And I found some great face moisturizer at target so there ya go! what more can ya ask for in a day!


Elaine said...

What was the face cream?

Anonymous said...

I never go shopping on black Friday for that very reason LINES. I detest lines. Actually, I just can't handle large crowds of people. Glad you scored some awesome face cream out of the day though!



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