Saturday, November 10, 2007

cat and mouse

the people I am babysitting for have a cat. or at least they did. it's a barn cat that they adopted and let in and out of the house whenever it wants...they feed it but only every few days...anyhow...I am on the verge of being concerned. I haven't seen the cat today. I even searched...

so my question. how many days should I let pass before I actually get concerned? it's only been one so far...and it's a cat...cats hide a lot right? or not right? it's pretty much followed me around up until this point though...

on a completely different note...I set mouse traps in my house yesterday and today we went and checked em and I caught one! woot! I wonder how many more there are..they say where there's one there's a hundred...blah...miss dollie thought the little dead mouse looked cute and gav wanted to see it's head...I wouldn't let him see it...threw the whole thing in the garbage...I don't touch dead things if I can help it. The salad tongs and rubber glove came out for this special occasion (don't worry, they are salad tongs but I don't use them for anything other than mouse removal).

and on a completely completely different note...Carrie Underwood is really pretty...and the dress she was wearing for the CMA's...lovely...pretty little flutterby's on her waist pretty.

I do not love mice.

I do not like losing other people's cats.

I do love pretty things and pretty people and pretty music.

that about sums it up!

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Cookie M. said...

Err...good question. I have a cat but I don't let her go outside. Our cat we had growing up we let go outside all the time, however, we always had her come in at night...well, lol except for the nights where she wouldn't come when we called her. Cats are funny... they can go several days with out checking in...some can go several months with out checking in and then boom one day they come waltzing back through the yard and your sitting there shocked and amazed b/c you thought the cat was surly dead.

Hope my limited insight to cats helps :-)


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