Monday, November 12, 2007

little joys

so as long as I can remember I have loved going to garage sales, thrift stores, antique shops...places people discard their "junk" and I find treasures.
I had about an hour to kill between picking some kids up and dropping others and...wait, there was no dropping come to think of it...just lost of picking up...from the 4 corners of the earth which is rather ironic since there are only 3 kids...anyhow...between pick ups I had miss dollie with me and we decided to go to Goodwill for a while to pass the time. She had never been in a Goodwill before...I must say it was a delight to watch her dig through the shelves of "junk" and realize that if she looked hard enough she could find treasures as well...her words and my thoughts exactly. I left the store with two delightful gifts which I cannot talk about in this blog as the recipients are both faithful readers...and miss dollie got a new barbie for a dollar.
a very fruitful treasure hunt!

after we finally picked everyone up and were headed home I heard miss dollie ask gav in the back seat what he'd do if she which he replied..."I'd be sad for 2 seconds and then I'd say 'easy come easy go'" which made everyone laugh and then gav asked her what she'd do if he died and she said "I'd be sad for 2 seconds and then I'd say 'easy come easy go'" at which point gav accused her of being a copy which she replied "I was born a copy cat!" "yeah you were" "yeah you were" "stop coping me" "stop copying me" "what?" "what?" "why are you doing that" "why are you doing that" "seriously stop" "seriously stop" get the idea...

and now I am sitting here at the table making sure gav does his homework and doesn't eat candy...way harder than it sounds...

it's my last night here, tomorrow the parents come home. It has been a joy to watch these kids. I am ready though to sleep in my own bed and not have miss dollie nearby snoring...who knew such a cute little thing could be so noisey!

in other news.
doctors reports are in. I'm mostly normal ;-)~ nothing serious. she did have a page of info to go over with me about my antibodies blah blah something something (I have it written out) and said it might take another 6 mo before I start feeling like myself again, no treatments available...lovely...I guess my pace in this crazy life needs to slow even more. Not easy to hear for someone who loves being busy.


Burkinator said...

Glad to hear all is mostly well, ie. nothing that taking it easy won't help. Take a break, please!

And I can't believe I haven't talked to you in 4 days!

Beth said...

To my 'mostly normal' friend Jamie... :) PLEASE CALL me or Twon if you need us for anything - k? We are just a hop/skip/jump south of the river.

Jamie Willow said...

thanks beth :)


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