Saturday, November 24, 2007

packin' heat

It was Ira's idea. So we headed to the farm.

My uncle asked me about the chair in his living room, did it look any different or special at all?
I paused, looked and said "'s purple?"
He walked over, picked the chair up, flipped it upside down and pulled a 45 out of the foam cushion underneath. Yup, that's different and special all at the same time.

Whatever, he can store his guns in seat cushions or in gun cases or whatever he wants...just so long as I can shoot em once in a while!

We headed out to the back deck and the boys proceeded to hand me gun after gun after bullet after gun to try my hand at them all. I could tell by Ira's eyes which one's were going to kick. He looked just a little to happy handing me the rifles. Whatever, they might have kicked but I still managed to hit the stinkin' targets! I shot a clay pigeon, a bowling ball, a teddy bear, a gourd. To name a few of the things I was aiming at!
At one point Ira used his new gun to shoot a target 250 yards away. Only problem, in order to see if he hit it we had to make the long walk to look! so we took a pistol along with us so we could shoot a little more once we got down to the target. Of course he hit it. Then he took a shot with the pistol about 20 yards off and hit it again...I took the same shot and hit his bullet hole square on! I believe he said something to the effect of "I can't believe my sister is as good a shot as I am, I've been doing this for years!"
Can I help it if I'm good?!
granted I can't feel my right shoulder...

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Beth said...

Pistol-packing mama!

Anonymous said...

I love it!!


Chris H. said...

Yikes, that .45 is huge!!! Very impressive - you go girl! ;)


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