Monday, November 26, 2007

just a little sex talk...

I went to a seminar today called Redeeming the Sexual Generation; sexuality and the church. The speaker was Sy Rogers.

I wish to high heaven I could somehow communicate one tiny bit of what I listened to today.

I bought a CD set and maybe if I listen to it a few times I will someday be able to articulate some of it.

It was basically a day talking about sex and spirituality. A topic near and dear to soooooo many and yet rarely talked about in the church...or if it is talked about it's dumbed down to "don't do it" and that's that. The crazy thing is we live in a culture that doesn't just talk about sex but is literally saturated in it. From ads to tv shows and movies to music to tabloids to you name it! It is considered "normal" to be intimate with someone after going on a few dates...I wouldn't necessarily let someone know where my house is before 3 dates much less sleep with them! but that is "normal". It is "normal" to be sexually active by the time you are 12 years old. Can you imagine how hard some kids lives are because they just want to be "normal". The memories they will have to live with? The pieces of themselves they freely hand out and can never get back because it is "normal".
I am convinced more and more every day that "normal" is not normal.

What would our culture look like if it valued self control over self indulgence? If being a virgin was normal instead of so unheard of.

What would happen if people found love and worth from the God who lovingly created them instead of from their sex lives?

And I'm all for sex, don't get me wrong. I plan to have a lot of it some day (my mom reads this). With someone who is committed to spending a life time with me. And not a second before we declare it in front of God and witnesses and whatever beach I happen to be standing on at the time. (a girl can dream) And I am fully aware that just because you get married doesn't mean you are all of a sudden in some "safe" zone..but at least doing things in the right order sets you up for some success.

I know I'm not normal. But I can live with that because I happen to be a person of deep convictions and I have a pretty great self esteem and I have a level of accountability in my life as well. Up to this point I have managed to keep a level of self control in this area of my life. Believe me it's not that I haven't been tempted. Far from it.

"Proverbs 27: 7 says, "He who is full loathes honey, but to the hungry even what is bitter tastes sweet". In psychological terms that means sexual temptation has little power to trap the person who has grown up feeling valuable and loved, because that person doesn't need sex to feel loved. But for the person who has grown up feeling unloved and not valued, sexual temptation will be strong, because bad love seems better than no love at all." (Sy Rogers)

So many people have bought into the idea of "normal" and are walking around feeling defeated and like there is no other way than to keep on with the self indulgence and patterns of sexual behavior they are in. Yes it takes hard work, yes it takes retraining of the mind and body, yes it involves self control, yes it seems overwhelming...but with the grace of God and with the desire for more of a true love that compares to no other kind of love...the kind of love that would lay down their life for you, the kind of love that takes you right where you are at, the kind of love that never fails...the kind of love that Jesus offers. It is not impossible, and in fact is desirable.

anyhow...just a few of my ramblings after drinking from a fire hose of information all day today.

I suggest checking out this guys website and buying some of his resources if this kind of thing interests you at all.

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Elaine said...

When I read the title of this post I thought maybe you were going to talk about the sixties and the me generation. Why? Because I was there. My impression is that before the sixties it was normal to not have sex until you got married. I believe that was one of the things that free love was protesting. "Normal" has definitely has gone too far in the other direction.


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