Thursday, November 01, 2007

sugar low

end of one month. start of a new.

ever just have a low day even when the sugars are normal? ;) wishing I could hybernate..but the opposite is my option.

starting tomorrow I will be doing the mommy thing...dropping off, picking up, hugging on, feeding, picking up after and guiding a few people through missing their actual mom. for a small fee...well, some would say not so small but I'm worth every penny...I'm a good stand in until the real thing comes home. 10 days. and it just occured to me that I actually have to pack for this, even though it's just across also just occured to me that I think I may finally have some help raking my leaves...



Cookie M. said...

Oh what fun!! Make sure when you rake the leaves to jump in a few piles....nothing is more fun in the fall than jumping in leaves :-)

Lyndee said...

Do not breathe if you rake leaves, you are already immune challenged!


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