Wednesday, November 14, 2007

yelling like a girl might scare em away!

So right after I posted that blog earlier...a mouse ran right in front of me across my living room floor. At which point I yelled like a girl, grabbed my keys and drove straight to walgreens to buy better traps...ones the little buggers couldn't lick the peanut butter off of and get away alive! oh yes, and some poison.

so I set all the traps and sat down on my couch and not 5 minutes later one of the traps snapped...

at which point I confirmed the death and then yelled like a girl and called my mom. yes I called my mommy. and then of course I pulled out my handy dandy mouse removal kit....aka: salad tongs, rubber glove and target bag...and disposed of the body...and the trap...which I have caught major flack for from several people...feel free to come over and remove the dead mouse (make that MICE!) yourself! I just can't make myself do it...dead mice make me yell like a girl and the thought of actually touching anything associated with the dead mouse...well...I might be sick. the only reason I say "might" is cause I haven't actually touched a dead mouse or trap so I don't know for sure...but I am not willing to find out.

So then I came home tonight and found another in a which point I yelled like a girl and then apologized to my friend burke I was talking to on the phone with at the time...and again disposed of the body...thank God for the salad tongs!

seriously I do not know how I am going to sleep tonight...I think I will move my bed so it's not touching any walls or night stands or anything that could be climbed...and blankets will be minimal and not ones that could hang over the edge where a mouse could climb up the fabric...I'll keep the lights on cause...I don't know why it just seems better somehow...and ear plugs so I can't hear them scratching away or be woken up by the sound of traps snapping...

oh my gosh! maybe I'll just stay up all night. seems easier.

you know how people say "if there's one mouse there's a hundred!" you don't think they seriously mean a hundred do you?


Burkinator said...

Heh. Heh. I'm not sure. How many are in a colony? ; )

Cookie M. said...

I'll let you borrow my cat sassy if you'd like.... I'm sure she'd love to go mouse hunting ;-)


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