Thursday, January 24, 2008

and again

So of the office workers for the charter school that meets in our building brought me two kids she found in the hallway wandering...they were 3 and 5 yrs old. I asked them their names, where they had last seen their mom, why they were I could deduce what direction to start walking to find the missing mom. Eventually we ran into her. And you know what? she actually had a good response (unlike the last story I posted a couple weeks ago!) she was obviously panicked and was so glad to find her kiddo's and asked who I was and where I'd found them and all that fun stuff.
Same story as last time but with quite a different response. I totally get that kids move fast and things happen. I was just so glad the mom seemed to CARE she had lost her kids. The biggest difference between the two stories.
oh yeah.
I got some great responses to that post btway. I happen to be friends with a ton of great moms! seriously. I admire so many of them and someday I will be calling you all for advice!

ps. Just a note...don't try to reason with a child throwing a tantrum in a childcare setting. It doesn't work. What does work you ask? This is what I have found. You tell them that they are allowed to have their feelings "go ahead and cry, it's okay to be mad or sad" or whatever they are...and then move them to a chair, ask them to sit there until they are done with their tantrum/crying. Then give them the choice to keep sitting there or to rejoin whatever activity they were just in. And if they need you to sit there and make sure they stay in the chair do so. Don't talk to them, just look at them and be patient. I could so work on Super Nanny for a day, that lady has great ideas too! I tried this method again last night and it worked. Being the calm one when there's a storm is always a good approach. With kids and adults. lol.


Cookie M. said...

Amen to that!! I have seen way too many people in the childcare and teaching professions do the complete opposite of that and then sit and wonder why their classroom is so out of control or why this or that student/child seems to never listen and always has a tantrum...followed always by the comment I've tried everything and nothing seems to work!
Shockingly, what works is just what you have said. So simple yet for many so hard to actually do.

Elaine said...

My daughter threw horrific tantrums as a preschooler. I would take her up to her room and calmly tell her she could come out when she was finished. She would stay in there screaming and carrying on. Then after a few moments of silence she would come out again. I never had to lock her in or anything. Wish I had thought to add that it's okay to feel whatever she was feeling. Totally great idea.

I've noticed that something similar works with angry adults. Simply acknowledging and accepting that they are angry goes a long way to calming them down. I've been able to let them talk about it until, spontaneously, they either arrive at a constructive solution or let it go. Pretty neat.


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