Friday, January 11, 2008

figures! the Walmart I frequent. It's a regular melting pot and a little low income. Announcements made in spanish and english and possibly somali...not sure..It's sort of one of those places that feels semi safe in the day and can be a little frightening at night...never stopped me from impulse buying make up at all hours...

One time I was there during a thunderstorm and the power went out...maybe 20 seconds...not much longer...when the lights came back on people were hugging their children closer, people's bodies were in defensive positions, arms raised ready for was one of those moments when you weren't really sure what was about to happen and when nothing happened a sigh of relief was audible by many, followed by nervous laughter. Mine included.

Anyhow, I drove by tonight...almost stopped to grab something but then decided I didn't really need it or have the time. I looked over and saw 3 cops and some cop cars outside of the entrance. Didn't think to much about it really all things considered. Well, I was just watching the news and turns out some guy was shoplifting and when he was being stopped by a security guard he pulled a knife and stabbed the guard in the arm.

I really need windex. Guess I won't be running over there tonight like I was thinking. It could be interesting to talk to the employees today and see what the buzz is but I guess I'll stay home. Walmart and daylight should probably be my combo...or Walmart at night with someone. hmmm crazy.

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Mrs. B. said...

Yeah...that Walmart was never my favorite spot.


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