Saturday, January 19, 2008


I am a chronic rearranger. Most people who have been to my house over the course of a year have seen it arranged different each time they visit. I just love a new look. This past year I didn't have the energy to rearrange. I was becoming a little bored with my house but really who cares. It's just something I like to do, it's not important in the grand scheme of things.
So this weekend I am doing some rearranging. I am having fun doing it. My kitchen and bedroom have a totally new look but with all my old stuff. Take down this picture, replace it with the one from the other room...vwala.
A fresh look at the same old thing.
Every time I rearrange I end up getting rid of stuff. Just part of making things work in a new puzzle. This time around though I am intentionally getting rid of more. If I don't love it, it doesn't make the cut. Simple.
I get inspired looking through magazines and books and my sister in law's blog...the idea that you can recreate yourself with the simple addition of a lamp or a new mirror. amazing.
anyhow...along with the fun decorating and rearranging comes the need to organize some of the stuff I have had crammed in the back of closets and cupboards...not as much fun, but just as rewarding once it's been taken care of.
Guess I'd better get back to it!


Lyndee said...

You are a wonder...what a wonder you are! I love this incentive giving blogging...OH YEAH! I want to go home and throw something out now! I did rearrange this week though...Marvelous new feeling to it. Most men hate rearranging though...wonder why???
Do you have the answer? Ask Lance...

Mrs. B. said...

Ish...I need to organize closets...

Chris H. said...

Good stuff! For me, arranging a living space is usually a one-time good deal (assuming nothing big & new is entering the mix). I am careful and deliberate about choosing what goes where, but then I'm done with it. Sometimes, I'll think of a better layout later and do that, but when I'm happy with an arrangement, there it typically stays. I do rearrange my closets and storage spaces more often since there's more turnover there, and so rearranging those seems a logical thing to do, but yeah, most guys don't dig on rearranging stuff "just because". I think guys generally approach things as having one single "best" solution, and when we think we found it, we aren't very receptive to change. What we do (or don't do!) with our hairstyles is another perfect example of this idiosyncrasy ;)


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