Wednesday, January 23, 2008

now that hurts

Yesterday I moved a ton of my junk out of my house and into a mini van and onto it's new home, ARC. It was like 8 degrees. I was thankful it wasn't negative degrees. The wind though...cut like a knife. Just looking out your window though...beautiful day, sun shining, snow glistening, lovely.
Anyhow...I was determined. I hauled and hauled stuff...I froze my face and my legs. Apparently I bumped my knees and legs a few times in the midst of it all but I didn't realize how badly I had bruised myself up until I started to thaw out.
Now getting a bruise and having that first instant "ouch" moment is painful but slowly regaining feeling in your frozen legs and then having the "ouch" moment...double "ouch". Trust me. Way more painful for your bruise to thaw out and start hurting than to just hurt.
I just know there must be a metaphore in there somewhere.

Anyhow...what didn't hurt was the feeling of relief when I dropped all my junk off and drove away with an empty mini van.
I still have a couple things to get rid of, some strange work out machine thing my sister left behind a gazillion years ago and a big old heavy table I couldn't lift...and a few other items...but all in all I have made a serious dent!
I will save those things for a warmer day and when I have an extra set of hands to help me.
I may have super woman tendencies (I was offered a job at the recycling center they were so impressed with my heavy lifting abilities) but I'm still a girly girl!

(ps. I feel the need to clarify that I do not own a mini van, I borrowed one and it made me realize how great it would be to own a car that actually heated up before you arrive at your destination...but whatever, my little jeepers is still fun even if she leaves me a little frozen at times)


Burkinator said...

I think of you every time I am freezing in Tim's Jeep. Of course, living where we do, it warms up before we reach our destination. And I am now a certified wuss.

Beth said...

Thanks for clarifying you do not own a mini van! LOL! Random!


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