Thursday, January 03, 2008


So the hair cut. Nothing to drastic. I do have bangs which is far I like it...tomorrow will be the true test. I am planning on coloring it on monday. Something a little darker I will look good I am sure. My girl Kathrine wouldn't do anything but good work!

So the hair cut. I sat in the chair and attempted to explain the mess the last girl had left my hair in and how I'd been trying to grow it out. I was completely validated when Kathrine's manager came over (she is at a training salon btway for Ficocello, you go girl!) and then proceeded to have all the girls in the salon come over because he wanted to show them all something they should NEVER do. After he pointed out how horrible the last girl cut and texturized my hair he proceeded to take the scissors from Kathrine and said "It's like the hair ER, I'm the surgeon who will now save her life and when I'm done you can stitch her up." Seriously that's what he said.

He said it would probably take one more hair cut to completely restore "the line". whatever that means. All I know is that I feel so much better now that I've had some maintenance. They didn't take off any length or anything like that, they just fixed me.

Best part? Afterwards I headed to a dinner with several fun ladies and they all showered me with compliments. I would love to say I don't need outside attention but I so do! A nicely placed complement goes a long way! So thanks ladies!

okay, I'll add a pic so you can see for yourself...



TMC said...

I think it's wicked cute!!

Burkinator said...

Looks good, sistah! You look like a hottie. Now go eat some fudge (or bacon) so there's some meat on them bones. ; )

Anonymous said...

WOW! OK I think I need to switch stylists now. Love it!!


Lyndee said...

I like it! Yeah for the Hair Surgeon!

Chris H. said...

You look fantastic Jamie!

Sarah Jane said...

Love it! I am in need of some hair surgery myself. My stylist does a great job, but my hair grows sooo fast and apparently rather unevenly. Man, we have a lot of upkeep don't we? :)


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