Tuesday, February 26, 2008

day 1


So I knew when I left this morning that Lance would have fun with out me...but little did I know how much fun he would actually have...

did you watch my fun video yet?

He tore out everything from my bathroom...well, the toilet's still there...and the tub...the sink will be gone soon too...but for sure the walls and ceiling are history.

It's kind of fun to have a clean slate.


Always good to have a clean slate.

It will be fun to see what the finished product will look like. I already love it.

more pics later I'm sure.

Ever hear that expression "A couple who plays together stays together" ? or how about " A couple who prays together stays together" ? or how about "A couple who wears masks, work side by side dragging bags of old nasty insulation out to the alley stays together" ? yeah, I didn't think so. But now you can say you heard it here first!


gonna go look at my walls...or studs...or future walls with studs? never mind...clearly I am not the lead on this project...


Jamie E said...

There's always the "fun with the stud finder" game, seriously, it never gets old.

Burkinator said...

Awwww. Dang it! Someone beat me to the obvious stud joke...

I LOVE it! I have had dreams about tearing that bathroom apart. And nightmares about the mildew one would find.

Problem is I wouldn't know what to do after demolition. Good thing Lance has a clue. I gotta make Heidi watch it.

Lance said...

A clue, like the vanity in the observatory with the toilet cleaner?

Beth said...


Glad we've got an open room for ya! This looks like quite the project.



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