Wednesday, February 13, 2008

real joy

"Real joy comes not from ease or riches or from the praise of men, but from doing something worthwhile."Sir Wilfred Grenfell

I have a friend who is fighting some pretty yucky physical issues. She has been at Mayo for something like 5 mo. She uses a wheel chair now because she doesn't have the energy to walk. I have had the opportunity to visit her and her best friend who is by her side at all times a handful of times over those months. Each time we would visit they would tell us about how they had started wheel chair dancing in the atrium of Mayo when ever they could find a piano player. It started as something spontaneious and has turned into something that people look forward to almost every day. She closes her eyes, her best friend twirls her wheel chair around and with arms waving and the most peaceful look on her face she expresses her heart in motion. Whether it's Amazing Grace or I Could Have Danced All Night, her peace touches those watching.

Yesterday someone came through while we were talking, asked if he could play us a song...he picked something beautiful and haunting and she danced.

I watched her for a while.

Then I watched the faces of the people watching her.

So real.
So real.
So real.
So real.

These people are there fighting for their very lives. From all over the world.

And for a moment. A glimpse of hope. A glimpse of peace. A glimpse of joy. A touch to the very heart and soul.

My friend has not been able to recieve a diagnosis much less a cure. We pray for healing. So much healing is needed. And through the simple act of dancing in a wheel chair I could see on faces that hearts were experiencing healing. God is answering our prayers for healing. And he is using her sickness. There is healing and then there is healing.

They have had endless opportunities to talk with people about the hope they have. The hope that comes from Jesus Christ. To offer healing. The kind that can turn you inside out and leave you breathless and change you forever.

I am including a link to an article written about them and a picture of them dancing. They gave me a picture of her dancing with a little girl melted into her lap dancing with her that completely captures the very essence of peace for me. It's not digital so I can't share it yet but maybe one of these day I will scan it and show you. It will touch your heart. In the meantime, enjoy this picture and check out the link.


Lyndee said...

Dancing in the midst of pain. There is no better antidote if it is possible than Jesus Christ and the dance we do with Him..

Mrs. B. said...

Jamie, this is beautiful and heartbreaking. Thank you so much for sharing it. :)
I hope you're having your BEST Valentine's Day yet! (Something tells me you are...)

Apt 11 said...

Wow. I love Shelly. That is amazing... what a beautiful story about how God is always moving through His people

Sandy said...

Wow, so very touching indeed. Without hope we have nothing! I've worked with pt's for 25 yrs that have an end-stage disease. The ones with hope carry the load so much differently. Even the family members ...
Happy Late V-Day.


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