Monday, March 10, 2008

and the saga continues..


unlike the man in the video I posted earlier today, Robb has legs. You just can't tell cause they are below floor the hole that is my bathroom floor...or non/floor soon as he gets all the plumbing done I will get the rest of my floor and the dark scary hole will be a mere memory.

in other finger is healing nicely, I still love my engagement ring, I miss lance any time I'm not with him, I bought some really cool thank you notes that I am enjoying giving people, I spent 10 very odd minutes today in a magic shop in st. paul...yup, that's about it. Life just keeps chugging along!



Chris H. said...

Whew! Before I actually read the post, I thought perhaps you found your pal there in the second pic somewhere in your bathroom construction ;)

Jamie Willow said...

AAAHHHHHHHH!!!!! that would have been freaky! heck, seeing him in a magic shop where he sort of made sense was glad I didn't find him under my bathroom floor!!!

Lyndee said...

Are you sure that is not Robert Schuller?


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