Thursday, March 13, 2008

"I'm blind not deaf!"

So I have been meeting with this girl as a part of a mentoring class. I am the mentor (don't laugh). She is a senior maybe? not sure. It's a little lame to think that you can mentor someone by meeting 5x in a 2 month period...but whatever, I thought it sounded like fun and I owed her professor a favor so here I am. Mentoring.
So the girl I am mentoring is blind. I usually head her direction cause she has a harder time getting places. But in order for us to have time to meet this week she needed to come my way. So I met her at the Mall of America, she had told me she was a pro at the light rail and could get there pretty easy. I still felt a little bad though because...well...she's blind. But we did meet up and it was all good. It is very interesting watching her do things like placing her meal in order and asking the cashier to put her credit card on the receipt where she needs to sign...I almost had a heart attack when we got on the escalator...they freak me out sometimes and I have my sight!
Anyhow...after we finished our lunch and our serious mentoring talk we started just small talking. She was telling me about how certain airports are easier or harder to navigate with her disability. And how at a certain airport no matter how many times she tells the flight attendants and people that she doesn't need help they insist on helping her. At one point they were trying to make her get in a wheel chair to take her to her next gate and she told them she wasn't a cripple she was just blind. And then as they were walking to her next gate other employees kept stopping them and asking where the wheel chair was and the girl walking her kept saying things like "she's a stubborn one, wouldn't use the dang thing" etc. At this point in the story she says "I wanted to yell I'm blind not deaf people!!!"
I could not stop laughing. She was sooo funny about it. I was just imagining to myself how the people would have reacted if she'd actually started yelling that.
She's a feisty one, even if she's blind!
No excuses people!
I think if I had a disability like hers, my world would be very small. Sometimes with out a disability my world becomes very small. Her stories of airport adventures and her coming to the Mall of America in the big city is just one more reminder that if you put your mind to it your world can be bigger and the adventures could be endless!

Seize the day!


Beth said...

Love love love this post!

Lyndee said...

Kudos to your friend and now then who is mentoring who on what?


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