Friday, March 14, 2008


Yesterday I stood in my yard with two chairs by the curb, the mini van hatch wide open, a dresser and it's drawers on my porch, an ancient exercise machine staring at me near my shed and a heavy heavy table half way down the path upside down...I couldn't move it another inch. I tried. I had asked several people to help but of course everyone is busy. Trust me I understand busy. I figured even if it took me hours I'd somehow do it myself. I mean...I've moved my whole house around alone. But the stinkin' table got me. I went into some high pitched voice on the inside and apparently on the outside too because when I called my friend Robin she asked me to stop talking and repeat myself. 15 minutes later she pulled up to my yard and helped me load up. I took her to dinner and life returned to managable. I am blessed to have a friend who will change her plans and help me in a pinch and who does it joyfully.

Today I stood in Home Depot following the man I love around with a big ol' cart which he loaded up with drywall and other misc bathroom supplies. We worked together to get it all home and in the house. Granted, I am a complete girly wimp, so by working together I mean I did my 15% and he did the rest ;-)~
My bathroom is insulated, my power box delio is boxed in and ready to be drywalled. My floors are swept, my bedroom is cleaned and life is just a bit more than even managable, it's getting close to being least where the bathroom is concerned!

I much prefered having someone by my side to help me out as we went along vs having to melt down and call in my high pitched voice and recruit someone to help as a last resort.

There are some definate perks to being on a "team". 3 cheers for team Lockhart! It's not technically my name yet...but soon...


Anonymous said...

call me anytime I'll come help out!

[not the] Best Blog Ever said...

Totally agree! Gotta love teamwork!

Callie said...

You did not call me. I am insulted. :) Love you.


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