Saturday, March 01, 2008

twilight zone babysitting experience

I had the single strangest experience of day? babysitting career? I don't know. It was just so strange.

I offered to take part of a weekend babysitting job for a friend so she could go on a date. I put the two boys to bed and I was pretty tired myself so I got comfy on their couch in the family room. I must have fallen asleep...but I didn't think I had fallen asleep...I dreamed I was awake. Always a strange experience.
But the thing is, I dreamed that my friend came home early from her date. I dreamed she sat down in one of the chairs near me and finished watching a movie with me (Shall We Dance). I remember her saying my name trying to wake me up and then her getting up and walking away.
I finally really did wake up and I honest to goodness could not tell if what I remembered was a dream or reality. I walked through the house looking for her. I thought I heard her voice like she was talking on the phone down in the basement, I opened the door, called reply. I went and sat on the couch and thought about it all and decided it must have been a dream. But then I really did hear a woman's voice in the basement. So I went to investigate and see if she was maybe down stairs talking on her phone and hadn't heard me calling for her.

Yeah. I totally walked in on two people making out and who knows what else they were up to in a bedroom in the basement. They stopped what they were doing and said hi. I apologized for walking in on them and then blurted out that I was very very confused. Which I was. The girl told me that they rent the apartment in the basement and that's why they were there. Holy crap. I just walked into someone elses house! you think someone would have mentioned this little tid bit to me before I came over to babysit! My friend hadn't mentioned it, nor had the parents of the kids when I talked to them ahead of time.

I'm glad they had clothes on. It realllllllllly could have been even more awkward than it already was.

My friend did eventually come home. I had in fact dreamed the whole thing. I wish I had dreamed the last part of that story up!


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Love this.

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Digging the stuff with you bathroom remodeling.... :)

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Oh. My. Word.



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