Tuesday, April 15, 2008


So I had the pleasure of being treated to lunch today at a darling bakery called "Yum!" and it was!

We were chatting and planning and arranging and enjoying when Lisa noticed that Sven the weather guy was there! Well, her and I proceeded to attempt to fake taking pictures of each other in attempts of catching him in the background with our cell phones...Dawn was horrified and almost bolted and hid under the table to escape our star struck antics. This was the best shot...partly cause he's in it (the back of his head anyways) and mostly because I love lisa's face...lol

And you know what? Sven is short. Super short. He was getting a pop and I went to get a refill and stood right next to him and I could have squashed him with a mere step to my left. Not that I would have because he's a nice weather man and I don't like to squash nice little people...but I could have!

Well...we didn't actually approach him and I'm sure we were only as annoying as a chirping bird outside a window of a busy home where no one's paying attention but it was still a fun little addition to our lunch.

The reason we picked "Yum" in the first place was because of their cupcake desserts and we shared one that was absolutely delicious and I have the pics to prove it!


[not the] Best Blog Ever said...

Um, okay - wow! My comments:

1. YUM looks delightful! I will have to try it out sometime.
2. HILARIOUS that you saw Sven there.
3. EVEN MORE HILARIOUS is Lisa's face in that picture - and your antics. I would have been more like Dawn, I think, hiding under the table, etc. But I am enjoying it now, from afar.
4. And seriously? Is Sven wearing sunglasses in the picture? INSIDE? Does he just think he is THAT COOL?!?!? (Ugh, he is not my favorite local weatherman celebrity, let's put it that way.)
5. I guess that is all. Oh, and - great post! :)

Lance said...

I like the beauty in the last picture!

Jamie E said...

I heart this post, thanks for the laugh today!

Addidaisy said...

Too fun, thanks for the laugh.


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