Wednesday, June 11, 2008

crazy dreams

so last nights crazy dream. still so vivid which is rare.

I was in the back seat of a red corvette, convertable. Pastor Tom was driving and Pastor Greg was in the passenger seat. The idea was to drive as fast as you could up this really steep hill off of a cliff over a lake in hopes of reaching the other side where their was a resort and a pool. Apparently in my dream I had done it before and I told Tom to really gun it. Which he did.

Come to think of it, I believe this is just the latest version of my reoccuring dream of flying and not being able to get down...

although I do get down in this dream. but not before Greg and I have a conversation while we are flying around trying to determin how to land and if it's even possible to do so alive. apparently Greg knew the secret to a good landing right into the resorts pool...of course once I got out of the pool I realized I had lost my cell phone and that it probably had water damage even if I could find it.

I had lance try to call it and it kept going straight to voicemail. We decided it had probably flown out of the car and landed in the lake.

and then lance's nephew jacob came and gave me a hug. he's so cute!

it was really quite a crazy and pleasant dream all at once.

oh yes, and there was this whole part where I rescued my computer from the angry waves of the ocean. not sure where that happened or how it fit in but it's very vivid.

any body else have a crazy dream to share? or how about an interpretation?


O My Blog! said...

Just a thought, what did you eat last before you went to bed?

When you are flying are you scared or do you find it exciting?

Did you not just have a cell phone issue recently too?

Sorry for the questions but one needs to know your mood in the dream for better understanding.

Maybe the resort is Lance-a-love's land and you can't wait to arrive and the Pastor's are helping you by getting you there?

I know when I had vivid dreams, I was pregnant or eating things that would cause dreams.
Good luck!

Jamie E said...

I only have crazy dreams while pregs...not that I am sayin anything....

The Arnold Family said...

A car always represents ministry. I recently had a dream where Lee and I were in a convertible too. I asked my pastor for interpretation. This is what he told me. The convertible represents one of two things. Either the Heavens are about to open up and blessing are going to pour down on you, or it means your ministry is "uncovered". Do you have a spiritual covering where you are moving? Not sure what Tom and Greg have to do with it. The fact that it was sporty and red makes me think you think your ministry and line of work is exciting and fast, never dull.

Maybe the ministry was always taking off? Maybe it was always "flying high"?

I would guess the cell phone represents communication....

The nephew was maybe a reassuring sign. A sign having to do with your new life in a new place.

Is your identity wrapped up in your computer? (And whatever that means I dont know). It seems you were fighting your all of your information drowining in the ocean.

Those are my initial thoughts. NOt sure if they are right on or not, I didnt pray about it. Ihave 100% confidence if you pray about it, you will get an interpretation.

My first thoughts is, this is a dream about you changing so much right now in your life.

I have dreams all the time. Sometime in our busy lives, this is the only way God can speak to us. And I like it thsi way, because I am totally asleep and my will cant get in the way.

Pray girl! He will bring you an interpretation!

The Arnold Family said...

Sorry, didn't realize how many typos I had! Hope you understood all that. :)


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