Sunday, June 22, 2008

I thought this only happened to couples who were together for years and years

He was so grouchy this morning.  It was a bit comical from my angle.  I tried not to poke the bear though and when he insisted we needed coffee before we went any further I just smiled and got ready earlier so we'd have time.

When we went to check out and pay; the short, nice, cashier lady didn't even look at us until she was about to give Lance his change.  When she looked up at us she got a big grin on her face, her eyes darted back and forth between our faces and she said "you guys match!"  
*I should point out that unlike other times we were not wearing matching shirts or anything like that, yes we like the matchy matchy people.  

I guess all that matchy matchy has been wearing off on our faces too :)

Needless to say, Lance smiled.  It was as if the sun had broken through the storm clouds.  


Lyndee said...

I love that! Such a perceptive cashier.

Burkinator said...

Isn't that "Do not poke the angry bear" phrase magnificent?

oregoncelticlady said...



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