Tuesday, June 03, 2008

not my day

Today is not my day to die. Or get in a car accident. Thank heavens. It almost was though.

I have never called and complained anywhere before. Ever. Nothing has ever bugged me enough to be worth the effort.

But today I made a call.

I was getting off of the exit near the church when all of a sudden a hotel shuttle from two lanes over swerved my way and almost ran into me as it cut me off and almost ran into the median. I don't know if I was more afraid for my own life or for theirs. I slammed on my brakes and the shuttle continued to barrel ahead and right itself on the road. I instantly checked my rear views to make sure no one was going to rear end me. It was close. A very blue car will be etched into my memory for a long time. As is the logo from the hotel shuttle. I completely freaked. A few deep breaths later and after an adrenaline rush that could likely end in a head ache I continued down the road.

I was still shaking when I called the hotel and asked for a manager.

I don't complain. But today I almost died. That is worth a phone call.


Burkinator said...

Sheesh! No dying! That is not the kind of trip to MPLS I want to take!

O My Blog! said...

You did the right thing by calling the manager. I call places but not often enough after "The Cab incident of 1998".
Scared for our lives as well, this guy was weaving and got right on us. He was on the phone and was NOT paying attention. He was so close that when Matt very GENTLY tapped the brakes to get the lights to come on (car did not lose speed at all), this guy slammed his brakes and acted like he almost hit us. He then sped in front of us and slammed his brakes. We called the Cab Co. but they were not of any help.
The cab Driver started to follow us on 62 and we took an exit and he pulled over on the side of the road and proceeded to back up on the highway shoulder!!! We went and got lost somewhere in S Minneapolis. This was the LAST time we ever tried to get someone to back off when they tailgate so closley.
I'm so sorry this happened to you, That bites.

Anonymous said...

God isn't finished with you yet!


Cookie M. said...

Glad you are safe and unharmed.

Beth said...

Wow, crazy. Glad you're okay. Let us know how it turned out, post-call...


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