Friday, June 27, 2008

a pool of good bye tears

I realize I don't actually look sad in these pictures but that is because I was surrounded by some of my dearest friends yesterday. And all of their darling little rugrats! I have been blessed to have a group of friends here who are real, honest, fun and a little crazy at times...I will miss their faces but I will be staying connected to all of them and that is the beauty of friendship...miles do not determine commitment or loyalty.
And what a fun way to celebrate my leaving! Pool time, pizza pop and licorice, late night drive in movie time, screaming at the top of our lungs with the top off of the jeep, snuggling in for movies, shooting stars, moms hopping into pools after bobbing heads alert them to danger (those mama's can move fast!), chasing babies around the pool making sure they don't topple in, watching miss ana attempt to find the perfect way to wear her bandana in the crazy windy jeep ride, smooches with cute kiddo's, hugs from friends who would do anything for you, good bye's that are really "see you later's", mosquito bites and squealing at bugs, dancing on the roof tops, almost driving into fences in the dark, jzuzing pool hair for the perfect pic, izzy refreshment, smiles galore. There was so much about last night that was precious.

We know how to have a pool party!
look at how sad she is I'm leaving?! and her daddy too...awhh...
eyes on the road!


Lance said...

I have another pool for you to fill up.

Lindsay said...

looks like you will be having fun!!! So what does your new house look like in TN?? I have famiy there by the way... maybe if I am visiting them I can drop by and say hello!

Mrs. B. said...


Anonymous said...

Blaine You Rock Buddy!


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