Friday, July 11, 2008

I hate...

...when I do stupid things.

Today we went to bb&b to make a return and use up a gift card. We traveled miles to unknown territory to find the bb&b and when we got out of the car I checked to make sure I had the gift card and wouldn't you know it. I hadn't grabbed it at all. I felt so stupid. Where has my short term memory gone? I don't know. It is frustrating though. Lucky for me I have a patient husband who gives me grace. I wish sometimes I could give more of it to myself. But I guess I'm not wired like that for some reason. No one ever has to yell at me because I do it for them. Might seem like a silly thing to some to forget something like that but for some reason it was a big deal to me today.

Other than that big reveal of my stupid thing of the day, it was a nice day spent with my husband. We finally did settle on a king size bed and it arrived today. I am excited to go to sleep tonight. Partly for the bed and partly for a new beginning tomorrow.


Lance said...


Sarah said...

I do this kind of stuff ALL THE TIME. I try and be so organized, and that never works out for me- don't beat yourself up!

ladycarmenquixote said...

I know how you feel... I'm harder on myself than anyone else is. :/ My biggest forgetful moments are usually at airports. I lose my license or passport every time I turn around, so finally I decided to put them in clear, ziploc bags and literally stare at them the whole way through check-in and customs. It's terrible!

Jamie E said...

uhhuh, I hear you. I can got thru a check list in my head and still forget the stupid camera! Nevermind the sippy cup, paci, blankie and leapster......**sigh**

McSwain said...

You're in LOVE. Sucks your brains right out.

As for me, I'm blonde. And when I turn gray, I'll use the I'm old excuse.


Lyndee said...

I think you take after me! I forget the jugs when I go for water and the cloth bags are still in the trunk when I hit the check out. I go to use a coupon and it is expired or still on the fridge with a magnet. Sigh but it is okay to be reminded that we are imperfect people and that is why we need a saviour! Oh and by the way perfectly organized people can forget how to have fun. You do know how to laugh and giggle very nicely. I tip my hat to you oh forgetful the way all you kids are like that so maybe I passed it to you all...

sister said...

Just think, sis, you may have forgotten the gift card, but who knows why?!! Maybe you avoided a bad purchase. Maybe you will find that at JUST THE RIGHT MOMENT, the gift card will end up in your purse at exactly the right moment and you will purchase just the right thing at just the right time... Sometimes... leaving something behind is a really good thing.


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