Monday, July 28, 2008

"let there be light"


That is how many light switches there are on the first floor.

Every time I go to turn a light on or off I end up turning at least 2 or 3 of the wrong ones on or off first. Not to mention the occasional surprise ceiling fan...

I do not like being in a dark home. Especially when I'm alone. But I am trying to get better at turning off lights because I know it's something Lance wants me to do.

My house in Minneapolis had...maybe 4? I might be forgetting let's say 5.

With this many light switches it should be possible to...

"Live in rooms full of light." ~Cornelius Celsus

If I can just figure out which ones to use...


Anonymous said...

I think it would (should) be OK to leave the lights on for a while so you can adjust to the new surroundings and feel secure in your home.

You have had a lot of new, a lot of change, so I think maybe a month or so of a higher electric bill should be a minor inconvenience for your husband - small trade off for your feeling of wellbeing..

Burkinator said...

I hear ya! Some switches at Tim's have 6+ buttons on them. And it's not always clear which one turns the light on and not the fan or heaven only knows what else. Camp wanted to turn the kitchen light on Sat, and she stood there staring until I told her to hit the green one.

And then there are the switches that don't appear to do anything. Maybe I will get it right before I am actually living there and fumbling around, crashing into furniture.

Jamie Willow said...

I actually find it all very comical. It is a quirk about our house that makes me smile every time I go to turn a light on or off...

Natalie said...

Ha.. that is a bunch of light switches, brings me back to when I babysat.. and trying to figure out switches and such.. Hope you get it down pat too.

Sarah said...

LOL you made me giggle! Kind of like Allison in Light Switch wonderland...LOL Hope you get used to it soon!


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