Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I get lost easy. I get lost easy going places I have been repeatedly. For someone who never gets lost this is a hard thing to understand but it is my reality. I take step by step directions with me everywhere I go. I used to keep a notebook in my jeep that had directions written out in it for people's homes or places I went to regularly. Because as someone who gets lost a lot you feel stupid asking how to get to someone's home you've been to 3 or 4 times before. So I tried to make a way to keep my getting lost to a minimum. (and my feeling stupid)

Now here I am in a new city. I've been here roughly 18 days. I do not know my way around. I barely recognize the names of streets that we've been driving on. I feel very much at the mercy of my husband and at the mercy of others who might be directing me places or expecting me to be somewhere. My husband can get to the same destination at least 5 different ways, he does not get lost. I'm sure he finds me very annoying. As do most people who don't get lost. I boggle their minds and their patience I'm sure.

I guess I will just have to figure things out as I need to know them. There is no way I am going to know my way around the whole city in less than a year. But I can find where to get my emissions tested. If I need to go to target I can find my way there. I will figure out how to get to church eventually and when I get a job that will be in my path as well. Everything else I will figure out as I go. And mapquest will be my new bff.


Burkinator said...

You will always be 8 Ball Girl, but I'm not a whole lot better, frankly. Tim is prob on Lance's level, and he still has to tell me how to get to places in his neighborhood. And I've lived here almost 6 years. Oy with the poodles already! I hate to say it, but I think guys' brains are generally wired for navigating. Ours, not so much ...

[not the] Best Blog Ever said...

Neither Anthony nor I are superb direction-followers who know innately where to go in any circumstance. However, I will say that I generally know better which way is east/west/north/south, but he generally can better find his way to a destination if neither of us knows where we are going... :-)

bekster1976 said...

New cities can be intimidating that way. I'm sure Lance isn't annoyed with you. You'll learn, and I'm sure you'll have a whole new bunch of directions to write in your notebook. You seem to have a handle on the issue by keeping that and taking advantage of mapquest.

Good luck!

O My Blog! said...

It took me a bit to get used to California highways/side streets when we lived there. Matt never gets lost whenever we go somewhere. It's almost like he has his own GPS in his brain!

Callie said...

Remember that one time we were going to a concert or something... or were we going to the fair? For some reason, I feel like we were going to the fair. Anyways, we got lost. Do you remember?

I miss you.

Lyndee said...

Lost is a relative word. I like getting lost sometimes...but seldom really do. I am the type of person that does well with remembering landmarks and forgetting names of streets. I hate it when someone rattles off directions as if I should know already but then I catch myself doing that very thing at times. It is hard for me to give directions to others as the street names and highway numbers are just not in my head but I can draw maps okay from a birds eye view. I seldom know the true north etc. Your dad is always a little lost. Funny huh? His wiring missed that directional thing mostly. Out west he did better... You know to find the oil rigs on those back roads. Sigh. Now lost is so relative to what room we are in...

Dawn M said...

Thanks for the blog - I'm one of those people who don't understand people getting lost. My brain is wired for navigating. You have opened my eyes that not everyone is good at these things. Evidently you're not and I still adore you! I'll watch my attitude next time I run into this. Thanks for the lesson! Hope you get the lay of the land soon.

patrowland said...

the best gift I ever gave Mandy, my wife, was a Garmin just before we moved to Nashville 7 months ago. She has the confidence to go almost anywhere here in Nashville (except downtown) without me because of her new friend. A worth while investment.

Anonymous said...

You know what I miss most about MN?


That is it, we lived there so long that I just knew...I knew the weather, the restaurants, the roads, the way people dressed. I just knew.

Now we are in Houston, and I miss knowing.

Love you


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