Tuesday, July 15, 2008

magnificent man flying mighty machines

I have never known much about what it means to be a pilot. Training, day to day operations, requirements for success. It just wasn't on my radar. I flew maybe 2 times a year and thought more about my destination than how I was getting there or who was taking me. I knew one person at church who was a pilot and what I knew about him was that he was a great dad and that his schedule was a little crazy for regular volunteering.

And now here I am married to a pilot. I understand that I have a very limited knowledge of what it means to be a pilot. But what I do know is my husband. I know that he is a hard worker. I know he does things with excellence. I know that he is invested completely in the things he loves. I know that he is very intelligent aka-smart and I don't mean SMRT. I know he has good judgement and can asses situations quickly. I know that he can do things with ease that others find mind boggling. I know that he pays attention to details. I know that he is one step ahead all the time, constantly looking forward at all the possibilities.

So while I am just getting an introduction to the job of pilot, I already knew enough about my husband to respect what he did because of who he is. And I do respect him. I also love him and I am proud to be his wife. I am honored to be included in his life. I know he has worked hard with little reward in the past, but I also know that people who work hard don't do it for the reward, they do it because it's the right thing to do. That is something I understand because I have also worked hard with little reward. In fact I've worked hard and ended up with a deficit in many ways but it was still the right thing to do. He understands this. His choices to work hard and keep excelling in a field that can really take it out of you has put him in a place to bless others. I know because he has blessed me.

If he quit his job and moved to a small town in Iowa and made rocking chairs I would still be proud to be his wife and I'd be thankful for what we have and who he is. Because I know he'd make the best rocking chairs around and all the qualities that make him a great pilot would still be his qualities.

I so enjoyed today, walking around the SWA headquarters, getting a little more of a glimpse into the job of pilot. A little more of a glimpse into my husbands world.
I may not have been at his side when he was working harder for less pay. And I may not have been there the day he was hired at SWA...but I am here now and I am proud of my husband and his accomplishments.


Pat Rowland said...

That is a great post about Lance. You forgot one thing that I notice about him. He actually looks like Lance Armstrong, another strong quality.

bekster1976 said...

This warmed my heart to read. You two are amazing together!!

Natalie said...

What a job, what a guy! Thx for the Birthday wishes!:)


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