Monday, August 11, 2008

nice nashville

I went to get my hair cut today. It's nothing dramatic, just shorter and lighter...anyhow, on my way through the mall I started coughing, I mean really coughing. I checked in and the lady who was going to cut my hair was still busy. I sat there, still coughing...and coughing.
And when I began to cough in earnest and actually couldn't breathe, the lady at the front desk told me there was a coke machine out in the mall. I think she felt bad for me. I left and headed that way hoping there was a water fountain nearby too cause I knew I didn't have enough change for a pop.
There was no water fountain but there was a nice lady there in her wheel chair buying a pop. She offered me her change and between that and what I scrounged from the bottom of my purse I had enough for a Dr. Pepper. I thought that was just so nice. I mean. Some really tall wild haired girl comes coughing your way and you give her your change?

It's nice to know that there are nice people in the world.


MauraW. said...

I used to either leave change in the pop machine or put the amount for a pop in the machine, so that the next person to come along would have a pleasant surprise & hopefully I would make his or her day!

Natalie said...

wow, that doesn't sound fun.

The Arnold Family said...

What a blessing that woman was right there. She was there just for you!

sister said...

That's awesome. You still coughing?

Sarah said...

Thank goodness! Hope you feel better soon!

LG:) said...

I'm sure that sweet lady is sharing your story with her beauty salon friends too!

btw, I need to see the short and light look. post a pix! Should I go to brunette???or continue the blondness?? I'm in a quandry!!


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