Monday, August 18, 2008

slow recovery

Well, I'm still sick. Which means I do very little and have very little to write about. But have no fear, I was thinking about something today and decided it was blog probably isn't...but whatever...

Friday when Lance and I went to the movies I wanted to look cute (go figure) so I put together an outfit. The last step was finding a perfect pair of shoes. So into my shoe bins I went. I decided I should wear something I hadn't worn in a while. So I dug deep. I found a pair of shoes that were stinkin' cute. I could not for the life of me figure out why I hadn't worn them more. So I put them on, admired them in the mirror and off we went to the movies.

Do you ever regret a decision with in 10 minutes of making it but there's not turning back? yeah. Those shoes did a number on my heels. The pain I am still experiencing 3 days later is a vivid reminder of why I never wore those shoes. I will be getting rid of them. Probably what I should have done the first time I wore them. Assuming that's the reason I never wore them again. Which pretty much makes sense.

So my question dear blog readers...have you ever done this? bought a pair of shoes that hurt your feet, kept them, forgot they hurt and wore them again? am I the only one?


Jamie E said...

You are talking to the right girl. My shoe fetish coupled with my cheap side has brought many poor purchases. I think it was one of the kids' dedication and I AGAIN wore my black sling backs-they are so cute. I need to still dig them out and toss them out. I walked around in my nylon feet all day pretty much. Sad.

Sarah said...

Oh yes, and my heels hurt just thinking about it! Feel better soon!

Burkinator said...

For some reason I'll often think, "Well, maybe they just needed breaking in and they'll be better this time." And I am so cheap, that even though the shoes were certainly under $30, it hurts me to throw out unused shoes.

See also: Heidi; boots; black; crippled; hidden in back of roommate's closet to protect her from herself.

MauraW. said...

I've done this many many times. However, recently I learned a little tidbit that has made my shoe pains go away. Well, that is if they are are made of any leather type material. The trick is to take some rubbing alcohol and using a cotton ball wipe the area of the shoe that is causing you pain down. Then wear the shoe for a few minutes and it will naturally stretch out and then dry to the stretched size. I was skeptical when I first tried it but it worked. No, bad shoe pains ever again. You can also try using a hair dryer blown on the area.

Jamie Willow said...

maura! that is genius! we must all try it now! sadly the offending shoes in this story were cloth and so i can't try this trick on them. but some day I will!

[not the] Best Blog Ever said...

Yes, sadly... And I have the v-shaped scars on the tops of my feet from the offending pair of cute but oh-so-painful wedge-heeled sandals to prove it!

(Haven't brought myself to throw them out yet, though. What's wrong with me???)

Lyndee said...

I now wear plastic shoes because my feet are permanently flawed from a lifetime of wearing shoes that were cute. Good thing you can do anything after 62 without feeling fashion police are about to attack...Tee Hee. I have so far got 6 pair of Crocks in various colors and really want a fur lined pair for winter here in the region of the Snow Queen.

Jen G said...

I have soooo done this. As you may guess, I'm the type of girl that likes to not wear heels. I have them, but don't often wear them. Well, that stinkin' "What not to wear" show makes me feel like a slug without heels, so I've been trying to work them in. Ya. I was headed out the door and decided to be a "hot metro mama" at the last minute and within 20 minutes was a "limping loser mama". I was wounded. Lost a lot of blood. Threw away those heels. Found some cute ones that still hurt, but not as much. Ahhh, the price of beauty.

Anonymous said...

The alcohol on the cotton ball on the shoe thing works GREAT!!! I tried it on a pair of my shoes this morning and--walla--they feel good! Thank you to mauraw whoever you are.



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