Wednesday, August 20, 2008

too much

I've been so sick. Yesterday and the day before I barely remember. I just remember thinking "this will end, this will end, dear God please let this end, if I just close my eyes it will end sooner, this will end." Watching TV kept/keeps my mind off of how much pain I was in and how bad I feel. I finally called the Doc and he called a prescription in for me. I sat in a chair at walgreens while lance did everything else. I remember thinking "soon, soon, this will end soon, soon," it was like a mantra in my mind getting me through each moment.
I woke up feeling better today. I mean. Going from 10% to 50% in a night is pretty good. Of course 50% still isn't amazing but maybe I'll be at 60% by tomorrow :)
Thanks for all the well wishes in emails and on fb and such. Much appreciated.


Burkinator said...

If you can reduce your tissue use by 50%, you'll be on your way! ; )

Lance said...

we need more kleenex!


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