Tuesday, September 16, 2008

a bit of a rant...

I was reading the senior pastor of our churches blog just now and I got all fired up. I particularly got fired up when I saw people quoting scripture for their purposes. It is so easy to manipulate things to fit what you want. Even scripture and that is partly why people have a hard time trusting christians and what they say the bible says because so many have taken things out of context and somehow twisted things from the bible to prove their point.
I told you this was a bit of a rant. Blame my pregnancy hormones.

The thing that got me was that in the debate going on in the comments someone used a scritpure and basically said that "everything is permissible" so why not do whatever...essentially that is what I read in a ton of what people were replying. It made me wonder if people actually read their bibles anymore. I mean...the scritpure reads "Everything is permissible for me, but not everything is helpful. Everything is permissible for me, but I will not allow anything to control me." 1 Cor 6:12 That is so much different then "everything is permissible" Any decision you make in this life you could somehow justify in the end. That is the problem with making decisions based on the moment and current need instead of on your values. This applies to so much more than money matters. I realize we live in a post modern culture where truth is relative but I don't buy it. I think truth is truth and you live your life from what that truth is.
I mean. Ug.
Sorry. I am getting it out of my system blog style. The crazy thing is that the issue talked about on his blog isn't what got me riled up. It was the logic people were using for their arguments either way. Clearly post modern is taking over the worlds thinking. How can we possibly communicate truth and values that don't change with circumstances in this day and age?

I am a fan of making decisions based on my beliefs not the other way around. okay. deep breaths. I haven't eaten in a while (which means I haven't puked in a while...) so maybe that explains my rant to an extent.

on to my next meeting!

(ps. I have had some better moments with this pregnancy...I can't say better "days" yet...but moments...it's a step up and for that I am grateful. Thanks everyone for praying for me. That is the most help it seems.)


Lance said...

It is nice to see some emotion other than ugh. Love you. Hubby

O My Blog! said...

Logic? What's that? lol

You are right though, most people justify their lives and decisions based on a snippet. It's so they don't have to change and it's a good way to keep one leg in the secular world.

Lance is right, you ARE all fired up! YOU GO GIRL!!

MauraW. said...

Jamie we need more people like you!! I agree 100% with what you said.

Lyndee said...

Atta girl! I don't always make the best decisions but I have learned not to manipulate scripture to defend my rashness. I think reading the Bible every year is a good plan for Christians so they can really stay in the flow of the whole picture!
Love you honey!


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