Friday, September 26, 2008

say hi!

nights are the worst. i had a decent day yesterday, night was still ick. okay day today, ick on the night. hoping for another okay day tomorrow but not anticipating a good night since i haven't had one yet.

Lance comes home tomorrow instead of sunday. I am so glad. I hate being alone. especially when I don't feel good. I keep checking his blog like there's going to be something new but of course there isn't, it's just nice to be connected to him even if it's through words he wrote.

Jessi's dog Cami is still here with me and bored out of her mind I think. She only really likes jessi and misses her a lot. I miss her too. She'll be back on sunday night I think but she won't be here much longer after that. boo hoo. I like my sister.

okay. that's about it for an update here. my world is small and revolves around a puke bucket. so not much to write about. just trying to stay positive takes energy I don't have. but I'm working on it.

it is strange to be 12 weeks pregnant and to be losing weight instead of gaining. don't worry, my docs know. but my jeans are all crazy fitting these days. guess for most it's growing out of jeans and mine are falling off. I know that will change at some point, but for now I keep hiking them up.

really. that's about it for an update now.

smiles to all and thanks for the nice comments, they do help.


Jamie E said...

Love you hun, so sorry that you have to go through this. I remember well how it feels, believe me! Hearts and prayers go out to you, be thankful for the small things-like bladder control and the fact that someone invented plastic which enables you to lie in bed with a bucket when need be.....Poor thing.

MauraW. said...

Hope this part of the pregnancy passes soon for you! You are in my prayers =) My other sister went into labor today, soon I will have two little nephews.

O My Blog! said...

I lost weight too when I was preggo with Noelle. I gained and gained after the 6th month (thyroid went nutz).
Still thinking of you and praying for you guys!

Sarah said...

Thinking of you Jamie :) It really does get better!


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