Sunday, November 02, 2008

ode to julie fuzzybottom

well....I've never actually written an ode. I believe there is rhyming really this is not an ode. because there will be no rhyming, I mean it, anybody want a peanut?

however, Julie Fuzzybottom (names are changed to protect...well....yeah...more to make you laugh than a protection thing I think) has recently blessed my socks off. she is one of the most generous people I have ever known. when I worked as a kids pastor she was always donating clothing and supplies that were much needed, she donated her time and her efforts as well...and all while struggling through some sicknesses that were hard to comprehend. She truly amazes me with her generous spirit. And I have been her recent Target. I hardly know how to express how special she has made me feel.

The first thing she did was send me a little piece of MN in a box. Sweet Martha cookies are a treat that i would indulge in maybe twice a year at the most but always always at the state fair. They were fresh off the griddle and the most deliciously sinful treat you could imagine. Couple that with the .50 cent milk booth and you could make yourself sick in 20 minutes flat. Well, they are unique to MN and not something I will ever have again unless I return. Or so I thought. Sweet Martha is also what my sister and I named her Jeep once upon a time. We loved the cookies and we loved the jeep. It made sense. Well one fine day when I was sick out of my mind, my sister was visiting and I was missing MN the door bell rang and a package arrived. Wouldn't you know it...a little bit of Sweet Martha sent my way from a fellow foodie :) The enjoyment it brought me was related to my taste buds as well as my heart strings. Sadly i was to sick to eat more than a couple and to say thank you and tell the story was beyond me. But I still snapped a pic of my sis enjoying the cookies! it was appropriate that we both were there to partake :)

The second thing she did she did in Cahoots with another friend, the fabulous Tamara Riker. They ganged up on me and bought for me one of my new favorite things...yes the Slanket. They bought it for me as I was lying in a hospital bed trying to stay alive. The amount of thought and care they put in for me and i'm not even right in their direct circle of friends...well, again I was blessed beyond words. I wrap myself in my slanket (the blanket with sleeves) and I feel wrapped in love from people who know how to show care in the most loving and practical ways.

Truly, Julie has used her gift of generosity and thoughtfulness to bless me beyond words and beyond what I feel i deserve. She is someone you want on your side. A hidden treasure of a friend. I am humbled.


O My Blog! said...

Well, I am the one who should be humbled. You honor me with your words. You are so sweet and deserving. Don't forget it!
btw-Milk Booth is 1.00 now....

brandiandboys said...

oh, i'm so jealous of your slanket!!! never heard of those, but i think it's going on my christmas list!

Lyndee said...

Oh Marta is an angel
Oh Marta is a friend
She knows just how to bless you
While you are on the mend
Ode to Julie Fuzzybottom:

I raise my glass to her
I bless her now as I pray
For she has blessed my darlin'
In her hardest day.

She may have a fuzzybottom,or
Hair that is long like a blanket
But to Jamie she's an angel
Who sent her cookies and a slanket.


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