Saturday, August 30, 2008

Project Man

I married a super hero. I like to call him "Project Man"!

His super hero costume has a tool belt on it.

His super powers include things like closet renovation, fence flipping, mantle making, and such.

I think he's pretty good looking for a super hero.

He can be found most places using his super powers actually.

Here, I'll show you some of his recent feats.

And of course if you want to check out his super hero blog you can see some of his handy work as well!

Here he is in Wisconsin wielding his super powers over my mothers gate.
Here he is in St. Louis wielding his super powers over the broken shower head.
Here he is in Sioux Lookout wielding his super powers with a chain saw.
Here he is in Georgia wielding his super powers over the stage lighting fixtures.

My super hero of a husband gets around :)  But that's what super hero's are known for so he's right on track.  

I love Project Man!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Lance is home for a few days. Life is good when he is here. He is in my closet right now. He has been for a few hours. I know, your eyebrows are raised and you are wondering...
He is building me shelves and adding racks and making places for my shoes and all kinds of other amazing closety things. I will post pictures when it's done.

I spent the morning in a building that reeked of chemicals and left with a headache to prove it. The building where they have their kids ministry here had some work done on the floors this week. Stinky city. Hopefully it will be aired out more by Sunday.

I met a really nice woman named Jennifer who I am looking forward to getting to know. She also moved to Nashville around the same time as I did and is getting her bearings. She sounded like she needs friends as much as I do. So that is good. Potential friends is always a good thing.

That's all I have for now!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

the last time

The last time I truly remember being happy, comfortable and joyful was my wedding day. I was surrounded by family and familiar and I was looking good and feeling good. It's not that I'm unhappy. It's just that there is so much that is unfamiliar and that makes it hard to be comfortable and that makes it hard to be happy. Trying to learn new names, learning new directions, settling into a new house, starting a new job, learning how to adjust to lances friends and family and what they expect of me in their surroundings, being sick recently in unfamiliar surroundings, missing friends, missing family, missing mpls summer activities I did every year, missing knowing where Target is with out having to think, new grocery stores I've never heard of before, oh yes and I have a new name too. So much new to remember and absorb and get right. I have gotten so much wrong. So much.

I made it to and from work today with out using my mapquest directions, well, I did have to check them once on my way home because I had a moment of uncertainty but still. So finally, after being here two months I got one thing kinda right.

Which do you like better? black and white or color?

Monday, August 25, 2008

brusha brusha brusha

Going to the dentist today. So excited. Yeah right.

Friday, August 22, 2008

birthday boy

getting artsy with my camera in the sushi restaurant

Lance enjoying his Sushi!

My fabulous amazing cute fun husband turned 40 today. With my super sick self not having the energy to do much other than cough lately, I wasn't able to do much in the way of planning. Every time I asked him what he wanted to do he'd say "I don't know, it's to soon to think about it" or some such thing. So no clues from him :) So yesterday we managed to head out and ended up doing some shoe shopping. We got him a great pair of black sporty/dressy shoes. He finally said he'd like to do something, and that something was going out for Sushi. So that's what we did. We headed to this great Sushi restaurant he loves and had a great lunch. We stopped off at Sonic on our way home for a sweet treat. I love my husband!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

just for fun

I know these kids. They are all from CVC. And I know the guy who made the video. He's very talented. Anyhow, I ran across it again today and thought it was fun.

workin' woman

Find a job you like and you add five days to every week. ~H. Jackson Browne

I moved to Nashville with out a plan for work. There was just to much else on my plate to think of it and figure it out. So I prayed that God would go before me and work those details out on my behalf. And guess what? He most certainly did his part.

I will start this Sunday. It is part time. I will be the Kidz World Coordinator for the Nashville campus of Crosspoint Community Church. It's a mouthful. But a job I am surely equipped for. As for the details of what all my job will entail. I'll let you know :) I'll be training with someone the next two weeks and should have a pretty good handle on it all by then.
What I do know is that this church is somewhere I instantly felt at peace with. I am enjoying the messages and the people I have met so far and it seems to be a place where Loving God and Loving People is most important and since those are the greatest commandments it is easy to sign up to be a part of it all.

So, say a little prayer for me as I start something new.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

too much

I've been so sick. Yesterday and the day before I barely remember. I just remember thinking "this will end, this will end, dear God please let this end, if I just close my eyes it will end sooner, this will end." Watching TV kept/keeps my mind off of how much pain I was in and how bad I feel. I finally called the Doc and he called a prescription in for me. I sat in a chair at walgreens while lance did everything else. I remember thinking "soon, soon, this will end soon, soon," it was like a mantra in my mind getting me through each moment.
I woke up feeling better today. I mean. Going from 10% to 50% in a night is pretty good. Of course 50% still isn't amazing but maybe I'll be at 60% by tomorrow :)
Thanks for all the well wishes in emails and on fb and such. Much appreciated.

what is bugging me you ask?

It's not just the flies. In all the years I lived in MN where the national bird was the Mosquito...I never had as many mosquito bites as I have had since I moved to Nashville. Every time I walk outside I get bit. The latest was on my left hand pointer finger. I keep stopping blogging to itch it. I think that when I was in MN the mosquito's were so big you always knew when they were coming, you could see and hear them before they bit. The mosquito's here are tiny and they sneak attack. No fair! It's really bugging me.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I need a SWAT team!

There are flies in our house. They are driving me bizzzzzzzzzzerk.

Monday, August 18, 2008

slow recovery

Well, I'm still sick. Which means I do very little and have very little to write about. But have no fear, I was thinking about something today and decided it was blog probably isn't...but whatever...

Friday when Lance and I went to the movies I wanted to look cute (go figure) so I put together an outfit. The last step was finding a perfect pair of shoes. So into my shoe bins I went. I decided I should wear something I hadn't worn in a while. So I dug deep. I found a pair of shoes that were stinkin' cute. I could not for the life of me figure out why I hadn't worn them more. So I put them on, admired them in the mirror and off we went to the movies.

Do you ever regret a decision with in 10 minutes of making it but there's not turning back? yeah. Those shoes did a number on my heels. The pain I am still experiencing 3 days later is a vivid reminder of why I never wore those shoes. I will be getting rid of them. Probably what I should have done the first time I wore them. Assuming that's the reason I never wore them again. Which pretty much makes sense.

So my question dear blog readers...have you ever done this? bought a pair of shoes that hurt your feet, kept them, forgot they hurt and wore them again? am I the only one?

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Mamma mia, here I go again

So yesterday I was able to spend some time with my friend Katy. (yes, I have a friend in Nashville...don't sound so shocked Jessi!) I was helping her with some things for her move from one part of town to the other. Waited for the cable guy with her and helped her pick up her moving truck and got to see her old and new apartment. It was fun. As she was driving me home I was telling her how I hoped Lance and I would be going to a movie later that night but how a lot of times movies aren't what Lance and I do for entertainment but I really really was hoping we would go that night. I don't know why but I was just craving movie time.
She was so funny. She got a mischievous look on her face and said "I'm going to make that happen for you."
She pulled out two movie passes from her purse and gave them to me! Of course with free movie passes how could he possibly say no?! made sense to me :)
So because of Katy's generosity I was able to (with very little effort) persuade Lance to take me to the movies :)

We saw Mama Mia. It was ridiculously funny. We both laughed a ton. I love to laugh. Of course laughing causes coughing for me these days but I don't think I was to annoying to the people around me. I hope.

So a fun night at the movies was had by all...well, by me anyways :)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

to others it might seem lame

but to me it was an accomplishment of a day.

I organized my closet.


I can now find what I want when I need it.

One area down....a few more to go.

When I first moved my things in I just got everything out of the bags and onto hangers and in the closet, shut the door and didn't go back for like a month and a half. When I first moved my self in I had many many other boxes and things to worry about to go back and work on my closet again.
Well I couldn't stand it anymore. I needed to make it work or I was going to go nuts. So. Between loads of laundry and a few cough attacks, I managed to pull everything out of the closest, get rid of things that I don't need and put like items together and happy happy happy happy....

I'm not sure if anyone looked in yesterday and then looked in today would notice much of a change. But for me it is drastic. And getting it all done today was good cause I can get very fixated on small things instead of focusing on the big project.

okay. exiting blog land to check on my last load of laundry.

Monday, August 11, 2008

nice nashville

I went to get my hair cut today. It's nothing dramatic, just shorter and lighter...anyhow, on my way through the mall I started coughing, I mean really coughing. I checked in and the lady who was going to cut my hair was still busy. I sat there, still coughing...and coughing.
And when I began to cough in earnest and actually couldn't breathe, the lady at the front desk told me there was a coke machine out in the mall. I think she felt bad for me. I left and headed that way hoping there was a water fountain nearby too cause I knew I didn't have enough change for a pop.
There was no water fountain but there was a nice lady there in her wheel chair buying a pop. She offered me her change and between that and what I scrounged from the bottom of my purse I had enough for a Dr. Pepper. I thought that was just so nice. I mean. Some really tall wild haired girl comes coughing your way and you give her your change?

It's nice to know that there are nice people in the world.

Four things you should know about me before you invite me into your home...

I was tagged by Sarah so here goes!

1. I'm allergic to shrimp. No matter how good of a cook you are and no matter how much you spent on it I won't be partaking.

2. I don't mind helping. Want me to do the dishes? sure. Want me to sweep? sure. Whatever you ask!

3. I don't drink alcohol and yes, I really do want milk. People always seem so surprised when I choose milk over soda.

4. I probably have my camera in my purse and I'm waiting for a photo opportunity at all!

I won't tag anyone but if you want to participate leave a comment on this blog when you do so I can come check it out!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

chop it off

This would have been a great day to have great make up, a cute sundress and nice locks. Instead I was a little road weary, wearing an oversized sweatshirt and a wild hairdo. I was chopping off Sunflowers making a lovely bouquet and now looking at the pictures I can't deny that my hair needs a little chopping too :) So look forward to a more updated, less wild look in the near future. It can only get better :)


Vacation was wonderful. Sadly it ended in a pretty bad cold though. So here I am after vacation, recovering. There is so much I want to do but the energy just isn't here yet. Hopefully if I rest today it will make a difference and the next couple days I can work on some of the things staring at me.
Lance is back at work. I am praying he has a good few days. I know how hard the first day is going back to work after a great's never easy.
well, I must go and blow my nose. I know I know...let the good times roll...

Monday, August 04, 2008

take two

I got up once already today. I forced myself to put on clothes and tried to be happy I was awake. We all went and had blueberry pancakes at the Canadian Legion Hall...and for the life of me I could not stop yawning or staring. Lance was off to work with his Dad at Cedar Bay on some horse feeding structure (I think that's what they are building) and when we got there he offered me the chance to take the car and go back to his parents house.
So I took myself home, took off some of the clothes I had put on and climbed into bed again. It took about .02 seconds for me to fall asleep. A sure sign I was tired because normally it takes me anywhere from half hour to an hour to fall asleep.
Needless to say the second time I woke up I felt much better.

Lance has posted a ton of pics on his blog of our vacation...check them out!

He even added one of the pics of me swimming in a lake with the dog...I wasn't lying about that folks :) picture proof! lol

okay. I think I am going to head back to Cedar Bay and take some pics of my hot hubby working away...

Sunday, August 03, 2008

a year ago

A year ago Lance was supposed to meet me for the first time in Mpls as he was flying through on his way to Sioux Lookout for the Blueberry festival. He stood me up. The first of many times he broke up with me before we even knew each other :)

I know, I know, WHAT WAS HE THINKING?!!! clearly he wasn't.

Now a year later I am here with Lance and it's all water under the bridge...but I have had fun reminding him of how big a mistake he made not meeting me that day... I guess it all worked out in the end.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

comfort zone

I have climbed up a mountain.  I fed a horse a treat with his big slobbery lips all over my hands.  I have bug bites.  I even willingly went in a lake and swam around with a dog.

Don't worry friends and family, it is still me.

The whole time I was thinking about my favorite quote from Will and Grace  "It's a beautiful day, let's go to the movies!"

I'm not sure my husband really appreciates the comfort zones I have stepped out of this week.  All of this is normal for him. And like most people, their normal doesn't seem like it should be much of a stretch for others around them.  But it has most certainly been a stretch.  I have done it all and even enjoyed all of it to a point, I have tried to not complain at all and to participate as much as I can.  Although.  The mountain climbing did steal my smile.  

I am looking forward to tomorrow because we get to go to church and we get to fly in a little airplane.  I don't know if it will be a Ya Ya moment for me or not but it could be and that makes it something to look forward to.  

Here I am after climbing the mountain...right after we ran across the railroad bridge (I was very scared) because we heard a train coming (every movie where someone died on the tracks racing through my mind...fried green tomatoes anyone?!) and then ended up getting stuck for a long time waiting for the train to pass...which took a while because it came to a complete stop forcing us to just sit there and wait.

And here's the slobbery horse lips picture. Good times.

split personality? me?

I'm a Mercedes SLK!

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Take the Which Sports Car Are You? quiz.

Friday, August 01, 2008

moose or mooses?

I already know moose is plural and singular..but did you? lol

...I have a feeling there will be many moose in my future...

Here I sit in oh canada. life is good :)


So Much to Love

I love people. I love bright eyes. I love my sons, Judah & Lucas. I love laughing. I love my ringtone. I love love. I love Jesus. I love tattoos. I love milk. I love creative expression. I love smiles. I love Philippians. I love bridges. I love my house and haven. I love a rainy night. I love doing nothing. I love almonds and banana chips. I love music. I love cowboy hats. I love Anna Maria Island. I love (diet) dr.pepper. I love a good story. I love wildflowers. I love to fly. I love rod iron. I love babies. I love going to the movies. I love midnight. I love allegra. I love sunsets. I love long kisses. I love the color red. I love starshollow. I love community. I love doing life with friends. I love witty banter. I love I love my family. I love pretty things. I love cruisin' with my girls. I love remembering when. I love authentic individuals. I love hot tamales. I love when kids giggle. I love Lance. I love bonfires. I love finding people I thought I'd lost. I love yard sales. I love tacobell. I love seeing people do good. I love violins and steel guitar. I love driving to the airport. I love seeing people around me succeed at their dreams. I love being included. I love flipflops. I love blogging. I love long talks. I love dreaming.

Always On My Mind

Welcome to my blog.  I am glad you stopped by!  I choose to write my thoughts and share the joys of my life in this forum.  I hope you will read and say hi when you can!  Blessings!
Fame is a vapor, popularity an accident, and riches take wing. Only one thing endures and that is character. 
~Horace Greeley