Friday, May 15, 2009

my little big baby

so yesterday I ran a couple errands. at the first stop the girls behind the counter asked how old Judah was and then proclaimed "he's huge!". at the second stop a girl walking by me asked how old Judah was and then proclaimed "he's tiny! was he a preemie?!"

I guess it's all perspective :)

I think he's tiny but compared to a truly tiny baby he's a big boy. Any way you slice it he's perfect. at least I think so...


Mrs.M said...

He IS perfect. I love seeing new pictures of him. Just precious.

Jennalu said...

Yes Jamie, he is perfect in everyway! I am so happy for you dear!

O My Blog! said...

And you say to the HUGE comment: "I pushed him out all by myself!" and watch their face drain of

Seriously though, he exactly how God made him so that makes him perfect! It doesn't hurt that he's also GORGEOUS!


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