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Birth Story...long...

So it's been just over 8 hopefully I haven't forgotten to much...although that thing that happens that gives a person "baby brain" definitely happened to me...and I'm not complaining! :)

Once upon a time...after a very very very long and horrid 9 months...on a lovely Easter Holiday....I was eating kielbasa sausage and enjoying the company of my neighbors Jeff and Hannah and miss Brandy who lives with us. I had made it to church long enough to teach my preschool class but had little energy for much else. Hannah did all the cooking while I sat at the table and watched. We had such a nice time celebrating Easter together.

After we had all stuffed ourselves adequately and everyone had eaten at least one deviled egg, we cleaned up and Jeff and Hannah headed home. I took the opportunity to lay on the I lay there I thought to myself "I feel funny...I wonder if I should just call Lance and tell him to come home today, even though he's coming home tomorrow morning..." and then convinced myself that I was just being weird and I would probably be overdue anyways so what would the point of that be.

Not 10 minutes later I felt the baby move, heard a little pop and wowser if my water didn't break. And then I made a break for the bathroom...cell phone in hand. That was the fastest I had moved in 9 months! I first called my doctor...well, the on call doctor that was Easter Sunday after all. She said that if my contractions got close to come in right away, otherwise I could wait 3 hrs or I called SWA scheduling...rather than call Lance who was probably flying anyways and even if he wasn't i didn't want to send him into a panic...I called scheduling and they made sure he was contacted first thing when he landed. Which was really only a few minutes after I called scheduling. So great that he was just finishing a leg and was easy to locate!

Next I called my sister...she had just spent a week in Texas and was driving home...lucky for me she was 18 miles from home when i called her! She raced the rest of the way home and between her and Brandy they helped me finish packing up my hospital bag.

At this point I was texting and facebooking folks letting them know what was going SIL Ashley texted me and asked if I was at the hospital yet...I called her up and told her I wanted to wait until Lance got home before going to the hospital...I believe her words were "What?! get to the hospital right now! you could be one of those girls who doesn't feel they are in labor and pops a baby out!" well, I took it to heart and us 4 girls (Amy had also arrived in town) headed to the car and found our way to the hospital.

They got me checked in (we had pre-registered so it was easy) and then put me in a wheel chair and off we went to my private labor and delivery room....for some odd reason they stopped me by this room and wanted to "test" to see if my water had broken...they pulled out this tiny strip of paper and were about to have me stand up when the nurse actually looked at me and said "nevermind, clearly your water has broken" well duh.

When we got to the room they hooked me up to all the monitors and come to find out...I was one of those girls who didn't feel they were in labor...apparently my contractions were 3 minutes apart but I couldn't feel them...well after a whole painful debacle where they tried to get an IV into the back of my right hand unsuccessfully and extremely painfully (worse then my labor folks, ouch!) they finally got me settled and a nurse came to check me (my sister about came undone at this and see how I was progressing. While my water was broken and I was contracting I was only at a 1. So pretty much that meant I had some laboring ahead of me.

They hooked me into the petosin and the waiting began. About an hour after I got to the hospital Lance arrived. The girls took off at that point. The nurse checked me again and still no progress. At this point I asked my nurse how long did I have to wait until I got an epidural. The petosin was making me finally feel the contractions and I was so not looking forward to how long it was going to take to dilate. She said I had to have a certain amount of fluids in me and that would probably only take another half hour and then I could get it at any point. I told her to call the anesthesiologist and have them ready! I am not a fan of pain.

While we were waiting Lance and the nurse started talking about money, retirement and financial planning. I thought I was going to go nuts if I had to listen to any more. Luckily they stopped. Seriously not the time.

They got me going with the epidural and that began the long night of waiting. They would come and check me every so often and I was slowly progressing. I slept a while...lost complete feeling in the bottom half of my body and watched as my left leg moved with out me telling it to..freaky friday I did not like that. The sensation of no feeling in my legs but my brain having a memory of their last position was so odd. I felt like I was laying flat but my legs were not...whatever, at least I wasn't in pain.

At one point Lance started singing some Madonna song (he had his ipod in while he slept I guess)...I took this to mean he was awake....singing along to madonna makes me think that. So I started talking to him...I was quite bored and couldn't sleep any longer. Apparently singing along to Madonna is not a sign of being awake...but to late, I was talking and Lance got to listen and be awake for it.

Eventually they came in and I finally progressed to a good point, they had me sitting up so gravity could also do it's part in the process...I ended up pushing for about 2 hrs...every contraction I pushed while Lance counted to 10 3x. I couldn't use my hand that had been hurt with the bad IV placement, and every time my blood pressure was taken my hand felt like it would fall off...I guess it was a good distraction from the other things going on...silver lining right? yeah. At one point I remember smacking Lance and telling him he was counting to slow. I threw up a few times which was a joy. Someone told me that the only cure for nausea and vomiting was true, right up until the very end.

Finally the pushing paid off...the nurse called the doc, 10 minutes later baby made his first appearance. 11:28 am
9lb 13oz
21 1/2" length
15" head


I believe the first thing I said was "I'm so glad I'm not pregnant any more!" lol. seriously so glad.

Lance cut the cord. They cleaned Judah's alert yelling little self off a little and put him on my chest right away. He stopped crying the second he was in my arms. That felt good.

I couldn't stop touching him all over, he was so perfect. They took him after a moment to a little station set up in the room and cleaned him off better, they did a few other things too and Lance took pictures. The doc was busy putting me back together and it all happened so fast. Before I knew it I was holding Judah again and it was just Lance and I there. The next hour was euphoric. Bonding with my son.

And then...pain. So much pain. The nurse brought me pain meds but dang o rama that was pain like I'd never known. I am now a huge fan of percoset. While I waited for that to kick in Lance and Judah had some good bonding time.

What a day!


Jennalu said...

Thanks for sharing this Jamie! It was like I was there. I am so happy for you three! I hear Judah is a whopping 15 pounds. Weight lifting 1,2, 15 pounds!

Hope to see you and all soon!

Mrs. B. said...

I looooved reading it. :) Felt like I was there...sorta.
I cried when Judah went into your arms and stopped crying. Yup, good auntie.
Epidural/Percocet. Let's start a religion to worship these inventors. Okay? Okay.

Matt and Kristi Tart said...

Thanks for sharing the story!!! I'm so glad we were able to see baby Judah! He's beautiful! and I'M glad you're not pregnant anymore!

MauraW. said...

I burst out laughing at the smacking Lance part. Just so not something I could see you doing, but very comical. What a great story!

MauraW. said...
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The Arnold Family said...

Oh I love birth stories!

I was in a lot of pain after too. They brought me 2 different pain killers before finally bringing me some percocet. The contracting of my uterus was a little unbearable this time.

And that is so funny, them talking about the financial stuff in front of you. You are praying they shut up so you can turn the volume on the tv up! Haha.

Thanks for sharing!

Melinda said...

I loved reading that! I'm surprised that you were able to hang around home after your water broke! My water broke during my doctor's appointment (all over her...right after she said there was no way I could possibly be in labor!) and they sent me to the hospital right away. I would have MUCH rather have had some time at home first!


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