Friday, November 27, 2009

mama bear

I finally know first hand what the mama bear feeling is. If I even think someone is going to hurt my baby I go into mama bear mode. It is cellular. I almost can't think straight. Now it's not like anything specific has happened or I imagine it will but there are little things that have happened that I can feel are just the start of a mama bear moment. I would be very afraid to be the person to actually fully awaken the mama bear in me.

And this is just in regards to my son.

I feel similar things in regards to others I love. Like my husband for instance. If you mess with get mama bear. If you mess with one of my siblings...mama bear. Don't even think about messing with my parents. ma ma beaaar. yup. I guess when I love you it is fierce. And others need to know that too. I'm generally easy to get along with and not confrontational...but hurt someone I love and all bets are off.

maybe having my own baby has heightened the mama bear sense in me. I feel it more now than ever.

can you relate?

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Jamie E said...

I can totally relate. Without going into it entirely, I have had moments when I thought I might actually hurt someone. Then I breathe and realize some people are just jerk wads.


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