Wednesday, November 11, 2009

unmade vs made

What do you prefer? and why?

I personally love climbing into an unmade bed. Everything just the way I left it. The perfect spot ready for me to curl up work no effort...just crawl in and sleep. When I climb into an unmade bed I have to work to get comfortable, everything feels stiff and cold. I usually end up spending several minutes tossing and turing and getting things how I want them...and untucking the end of the bed cause I like the covers wrapped around my feet or I like to kick my feet out from under.

My husband...complete opposite. figures :) lol. I guess opposites really do attract.


O My Blog! said...

I like a made bed because I don't like dust to fall in between the sheets. Blech!

Lindsay said...

i am the opposite of you jamie! I CANNOT stand when my toes are stuck in the sheets. I cant sleep if there are creases or lumps/bumps in the sheets. they have to be 100% smooth when i move my legs around.

Jamie E said...

I used to hate a made bed, I am learning to live with it. Of course, an unmade bed is much sexier ;)

Katie said...

Unmade. I read an article not too long ago, that dust mites thrive in made beds because being out in the open air kills them. An unmade bed has less mites, because they can't survive.

DEFINITELY UNMADE. I don't do dust mites.

Jamie Willow said...

Katie! I read the same thing once but haven't been able to find the source again! glad to know I'm not remembering it wrong. :)

Lance said...


[not the] Best Blog Ever said...

Made. Definitely made. My favorite is after I change the sheets and then can slip into a cool, clean, freshly made bed. Ahh... Heaven. :)

* said...

Unmade - for sure.

O My Blog! said...

I read the same thing about dutmites too. Leave your bed open for 20 minutes, then you can make it without any fear of icky things.


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