Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tiger Woods

So many comments and status updates and tweets and blogs and the list goes about Tiger...tomorrow about "fill in the blank".

It gets to me when those forms of communication from my friends are so extremely negative. I expect it from the media, they love a good roast...but from people I know personally... I feel like saying "what if I messed up? would you use the same measure/ruler and judgement?" Yes, he is a "superstar" and subject to more attention...but does that give us all a right to be so cruel with our words? I mean, I agree actions should have consequences and in Tiger's situation he has hurt those around him and will need to do a lot to make changes and to bring healing...but why is it our job to skewer people who screw up in such a harsh manor?

As for Tiger...
He is just a man. The media has built him up to be something better than that, a sports super hero. But he is just a man. He needs grace and forgiveness and redemption as much as we all do. I pray that through this he gains his soul. He seemingly has had everything else up to this point. He is certainly being humbled by his own poor choices.

I read a great blog I thought I would share...and here is an excerpt from it as well:

1. You have so many words that you can share in a day. Decide whether they will be about blessing or cursing someone.

2. When someone is caught in a scandal, I visualize two buckets that I can fill. I can add to the “Shame Bucket” or the “Second Chance Bucket.” Sometimes my first/easy/fun/human nature response is to fill the “Shame Bucket” so I have to work harder not to do that.

3. For all you online peeps…write your articles, blogs, tweets, and comments as if the person in crisis (and their family) were reading it. Why? Because they do! And the jokes, snarky comments, sloppy facts and flippant remarks hurt people. Instead, devote your computer keyboard to the restoration of people.

4. Refuse to participate in the gossip session around the water cooler. Or better yet, jump in and turn the conversation towards grace and second chances. Btw, just plan on being called a “buzz kill” and not invited back to any more social functions.

5. Realize we are either part of the judgment problem or the grace solution. But we can’t be both. So choose wisely.

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Jamie E said...

I inadvertently caught some Inside Edition recently. The jokes made me physically ill.
The late night stand up has been a bit much too. I have not even seen 1% of all the crap out there about Tiger and I feel like it has been too much. It sort of makes me mad that the women coming forward are getting their 15 minutes of fame by completely tearing him down(not that he was right) No one is criticizing these women, I wonder why?


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