Monday, January 11, 2010

9 mo sleep regression

Baby J is teething hard. Two new teefers have popped through and are working their way out and I am fairly certain two more are on their way.
He has been pulling himself up to stand a ton. For a couple weeks (I think...I'm a little tired and can't think straight) he's been pulling himself up in his crib and getting stuck. I have had to rescue him numerous times in the night. (thus the tired can't think straight thing). Just yesterday he figured out how to get down on his own. PTL.
He has been doing a little bit of cruising as well. It is fun to watch him develop.

I'm sure there are other developmental things going on as well. He seems to be chattering non stop and in constant motion when he's awake.
He has also decided to be clingy. It is a little frustrating and a little flattering.

Anyhow...I was reading up on babies and discovered that there is something called a 9 mo sleep regression. Which is pretty much related to all he has going on in his little body and mind.

He still goes to sleep really well at 6:30ish but instead of waking once around 5 and going back to sleep (a schedule I could handle) he is now waking around 2:00am seemingly ravenously hungry, he goes back to sleep after I nurse him (please no one tell me to use the CIO method because I am not interested, I've tried it and it is futile in this scenario) then sleeps till 5:00 or 6:00...he used to then go back to sleep till 7:00 or 7:30 but the last two days no such luck. He's just awake.

I suppose my answer to being so tired myself is just to go to bed earlier. But that is not an easy task either since I feel like I can't get at ton accomplished during the day when he is awake...(he's down to a 1 nap a day schedule now). Plus I like the alone time.

Anyone else have a similar experience around 9 mo?


Mrs. B. said...

Yep, same experience w/ both kids right around the same time. (It seemed like there was something every other few weeks to interrupt the schedule we'd accomplished.)
While CIO worked with compliable Beck (don't murder me for mentioning it!) it did NOT work for Miss Evie. She had other ideas and would not settle down even after 45 minutes of hard crying. Sooo...I totally understand your not wanting to use that method. :)

This, too, shall pass. He won't wake up wanting mommy forever. I promise, he wont. xo

Beth said...

Could you go back to a two-naps-a-day schedule and then keep him up into the evening a bit later? With a feeding right before bed at like 7:30 or 8, maybe he would sleep longer through the night/morning.

Just a thought! But you've probably thought of it too. :)

Sorry about all the crazy nights and fatigue. It will be interesting to see if Park experiences this in some form or another... Hope not! :)

How many teeth does J have now? They grow up so fast!


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