Thursday, January 07, 2010

How's the weather?

It still blows my mind that they cancel school here in Nashville when they think it might snow. So far this morning there is nothin'.
I am definitely acclimating to the south though. Yesterday we were doing some outlet mall shopping, which required going outside to get from store to store...I was shocked that my little hoodie and vest weren't warm enough. lol. If I was in MN right now I'd be wearing a parka and snow shoes.

Anyhow...I remember being a little kid and hearing people (old people) talk about the weather and I remember thinking "when I get old I will not be so boring". HA! who knew 33 was old. Childhood is so wonderful. I miss the complete carefree feeling of someone else being in charge completely. I am happy to be able to offer that feeling to my own son. Makes me want to watch Lion King and sing The Circle of Life song while holding Judah up to the sun on a mountain cliff...although I'd be afraid I'd drop him.

On another note...4 hrs sleep is just not enough. *yawn* I would just like to take this opportunity to apologize to my mom for all the times I interrupted her slumber. I didn't know. :)


Mrs. B. said...

Ha! Jamie, I laughed out loud at the mental picture of you thrusting Judah to the sky on the edge of a cliff. :) Too funny.
We just watched The Lion King last night so it's fresh in my mind. about the weather is SUCH and old person thing. And it's the main topic in our house today. Boo.

Rachel said...

I totally have thought about the whole carefree as a child thing lately too. Some days you just want to be back at the point when having no money just meant you couldn't buy a game or toy you wanted because you hadn't been given an allowance, spending money or gift money. You still had a home, transportation, and food without having to think twice about how it would come again the next day...ah the days...


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